Monday, July 28, 2008

Dear God letter to resolve problems..

Hi all, I am going to share a spiritual technique that may help if you are doing posts or writing in your journal. Its very simple you address your post/writing to either Dear God/Divinity/Creator etc, and then write your stuff that you're going thru down and keep writing and you can write any cleaning words you like in it too ( I love you ~thank you~Hu etc) or whatever you feel to write til you Finnish in a much better space and Finnish saying ~love from yourself (your name) . You will find that the problem dissolves and you get clear , its sort of a written form of ho'oponopono cleaning if you know this method, or a spiritual release of the problem to God, you can address it to whoever is your spiritual teacher master god etc.
IF you care to reply or comment on your experience of doing this I would love to receive this.
Thank you and I love you
Love & Blessings
Erika L Soul...

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