Monday, July 21, 2008

Ho'oponopono Healing painting

this is a Ho'oponopono Healing painting I created so that when you gaze at it, its cleaning you of memories, ie programs, beliefs & negative feelings while you view it. If you are feeling an issue bugging you,you can look at this painting till you feel clear at zero.
I have infused it with healing energy and set the energy to do this for anyone viewing it. For any issue going on within you, just focus on the issue as you view the painting and this will do the cleaning to zero. You can also send the memory or problem into it to be cleaned as well . The HU and EK words I have added as they are spiritually powerful cleaning words.

the Ho'oponopono cleaning tool words in it are ~I am sorry~Please Forgive me~I love you~Thank you~Pillar of the Peace of I~Dewdrop~Lightswitch~.

If you want more info on Ho'oponopono you can visit my website where I have alot of info and links/resources.

If you want to know more about the Hu and Ek words , I have a free hu chant mp3 download on my website, and there is also a link for Eckankar on my links page and Ek books on my books page.

May the Blessings Be

Erika L Soul

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