Monday, July 28, 2008

More on what if ...yes yes yes

The first time I tried the what if method I was concerned I wouldn't get away for the weekend like we wanted as something came up about my car at the time. So we started my partner Michael and I what iffing a lot and got very carried away , like what if we do have the money and the car is taken care of etc. When my daughter came home from work we were so high and happy she thought we were on drugs and crazy. Well 2 days later on the Friday before our weekend away Michaels Mum rings and says she want to give us $200 just because she has some extra money she wants to share. We were amazed at this unusual occurrence and went great now we can go away. Then on the weekend we stayed in a home for free as our relative was away and we had a nice time going out and about from their place, all unexpectedly. So then I saw how our what iffing had attracted the best outcome for us and that it worked. Another time my daughter was going out somewhere and very concerned she was not going to enjoy it at all (memories replaying) so I started saying what if you have a great night yes yes yes and she said some what if statements as well as she went out the door. Well she came home saying she had a great nite!

Whether we do this on purpose or not we are what iffing even unconciously , imagining the worst thing that could happen due to our past experiences and beliefs we have formed. So we can take control and love these memories and change our vibration and imagining to the best we could imagine occuring . Training wheels until we are doing this without thinking what iffing in the positive direction, becoming cause instead of the effect of our past programming and circumstances. thank you and bye for now
many blessings

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