Thursday, August 28, 2008

Begin the adventure...

hi everyone, well I have been away from this blog and posting for a week or so. I put so much into it for weeks creating it and adding posts and then I started a new blog for inspiring ho'oponopono stories as well, so I think I have had a little rest from it all. But now I want to start again anew and I have missed this. Maybe we just need a holiday from things for a while and to rebalance ourselves.

Recently I realised that I haven't had a proper holiday in a while like this year since last year sometime . I find my psyche needs to get away from it all very regularly, being a Gemini and all. Like going for weekends ,day trips, longer trips, for me its like air I need to breathe, like breathing space. Now I am saying to the universe yes to getting away to beautiful places perfect that I love , bring it on , I am ready and willing.

When you return from a trip you see things from a fresh perspective and you are ready to change things for the better . I love travel and funnily enough I have never had a passport and travelled overseas. But I know now I am gearing up for this and it will happen. I find I can travel in my dreams to different countries and have seen interesting places and people. So within us is the world waiting to be discovered . We can soul travel to inner planes and visit spiritual cities . The inner journey of discovery of who we really are, awakening us to truth and higher wisdom.

So in our arnmchairs at home we can travel anywhere we like just by closing our eyes. Well its my bed time now , well past it actually so I'd better go so I can dream and have new adventures.


May the Blessings Be

Love Erika .....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ho'oponopono Cleaning and Divine Miracles

This is an email I received from a beautiful lady called Virginia in America. She requested my Erase The Tape method  of Zpoint combined with Ho'oponopono I have posted here on my blog . Within 2 days of receiving it she emailed me this below. I was so amazed at the result she had from doing it and I loved her story. I now recently had contact with her again after a long time and she said the lady in this story has now passed away and she misses her friend. Virginia is a beautiful soul and I am grateful and glad to have connected with her.

Here is the link for the post I mentioned

Thank you so very much. Erika . I will tell you my story using your helpful suggestions. 
I was very angry, which I rarely am, with the son of my dear friend who is dying of lung cancer and who is now is great pain, the cancer having spread to her brain. The son would not provide her with enough pain medication.

I used your method (thank you again) putting him in the circle with the issues. After counting down with the suggested statements, there was no change. I then put myself in the circle with him and the issues, counted down, no change. I still felt intense anger and frustration. I tried different approaches, always using the "I am sorry, etc routine." No change. I was then interrupted and had to take care of other business.

Then I called the son to say I would be over to help with my friend, as we had pre-arranged. The son answered the phone and I heard my voice speaking to him, full of love and compassion. He replied in kind. He said his mother had awakened this morning with no pain, he had given her adequate medication last night. What can I say. This is truly magic.
Thank you, Virginia ~ 80 years old.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Loving what we are Resisting


** loving what is ***


To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. - David Viscott

Only love interests me. - Marc Chagall

Whatever emerges along the path of love is the very thing that needs to be Loved.

If deep loneliness emerges when your lover goes away, loneliness is the very thing that you need to love.

If it's jealousy that haunts your Heart, jealousy is what you need to love.

Love things as they are, and suddenly they transform.


Whatever is bothering us just needs our love and acceptance, whether its a person or painful situation or problem. Saying I love you and thank you is very powerful whether said silently or out loud.

It seems so simple a solution but it can be very hard to do ~loving what we are hating and resisting. Being grateful for all our blessings , "thank you god for all the blessings I have and for all the blessings I am receiving " . One step at a time is all we have to do to reach our goal of self mastery where we are aware fully of who we are and what we are in truth without all the illusions we lose ourselves in. Thank you God for all my moments of clarity and truth where I know that all is well and ok and perfect.

So to our inner child we give the cup of divine love and as she/he drinks of this love all is transformed and perfect and she/he happily goes off to play.

IF we can love the things we hate about ourselves ~especially the ones our ego finds in others , then there is no enemy to beat for its always within us , the conflict is ours . Peace in the world begins with us , no one else ,we are the problem and we can love this and be at peace with all that we dislike.

All this is well and good and we get it as we read this but we need to practise this loving everything that is showing up within and without, by tuning in to ourselves and our state and taking responsibility for what we are experiencing in each and every moment, by saying I am sorry , please forgive me , I love you , thank you. Getting back to our peace , ourselves and God.

It is a choice to love or hate something and we all get to choose anew each and every moment.And its ok whatever we choose, we can love even us choosing to hate or resist what is in our experience .

May the Blessings Be

Thank you


Thursday, August 14, 2008

School Assignment Successful !!!!

My role play assignment that has taken me months to get done and I whined and sooked about it to get it it done...I finally finished it about 2 weeks ago, (finally!!)
The tutor is a hard marker and I have issues with her- she always sends back my work for more!. Yes its bizarre, she would every time resend back work to be added on to before marking ,but I did do some healing and clearing, cleaning on it.
What I did was use the Ho'oponopono method. I cleaned on my tutor and my assignments with her .
And what do you know !? I get it back today-with a B-grade! Woo hoo!
This woman has only ever graded me with C's but I can achieve B grade, this is her first for me. Anyway it had
ticks all over my work, she loved it (well she didn't say in those words) but in these:
"........ Your highly conscious approach in structuring and documenting this role play. Keep up this high standard
of application " and said I out did myself in the format of the assignment .
Pretty good . So now I can move on without whining about it to everyone
This time I got such high praise and a B grade.

Just keep cleaning
Thank You

Kelly Isara, Clairvoyant Reader

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ho'oponopono within..

I use the Ho'oponopono cleaning before during and after sessions I do with people who come to me for readings~healings. I am so grateful to have learnt this method and when I get stuck in a session or I am sensing a shared issue I clean and I get an insight on what to do next.

I am responsible for what I am experiencing with the client , if I feel bugged by their issue or how they are I clean. It helps me to stay clear and aware so I can be a better vehicle of Love for them and me! Its so wonderful to feel yourself getting to zero .

One day I was taking a spiritual circle and only one person showed up. As it was only the two of us I said we could have a one on one session for an hour instead. As we talked I became aware of not feeling clear with her and not seeing her without stuff, how she sat and looked at me wasn't feeling right. So I started the cleaning with the phrases , and it was very unclear what we were going to be basing the session on .

Then I felt I needed to move my chair closer to her and sit by her not opposite, and this shifted some energy too. I kept cleaning on eveything I was feeling between us and eventually what we were going to be looking at came up and it totally related to my feeling bugged with her. The session got to alot of issues and ones I could see I had or could relate to, no out there!

The best part was the energy changing and I was now seeing her in such a different light it was such a blessing and a relief to be clear. Her face softened and we were connected and in harmony. We talked about this cleaning method as she knew about it from a short reading I had done with her a while back. I have mainly focussed on certain aspects of the session and there were many others that I haven't mentioned here. I was so grateful to get out of the stuff we were in and for the guidance that operated thru me and allowed everything to be perfect.

The other nite as I was alighting off a train I saw her standing there in front of me about to get on the train and we said hello two souls meeting each other beautifully still clear and right with each other. Thank you god for arranging this all for our best and highest good,
Love Erika....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ho'oponopono cleaning painting

Hi , here is my Ho'oponopono cleaning painting that cleanses memories while you view it , I have infused it with healing energy and set the energy to do this for anyone viewing it. Any issue going on within you just focus on the issue as you view the painting and this will do the cleaning to zero. You can also send the memory or problem into it to be cleaned as well . The hu and ek words I have added as they are spiritually powerful cleaning words !!!Let me know if you like it and any experiences you have with it !

Some people have given me feedback on their experiences with this painting and I was very amazed. A friend told me someone she knew was going thru a difficult time and she put this on her fridge and she looks at it daily to help her to feel more at peace and it has helped . Many people I know have got this picture and printed it and really enjoy the peace they receive by looking at it.

I myself have used it to clean my stuff many times. One time I was not feeling great at all but I couldn't seem to shift it ,so I got this picture in my hands looked at it and asked the Divine to cleanse whatever was going on in me deep down below my awareness . After this I just came back to myself again and felt whatever was clouding me had gone. I love this painting and the feeling I get from it, and I have felt very grateful it has helped others who love it too.
thank you

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ho'oponopono Cleaning Phrases

This information is taken from Jimmy Pivers blog, Ho'oponopono for Today , which may or not be current anymore. You can use these cleaning phrases on whatever you like . If you don't know this method and you want to you can visit my website for Ho'oponopono links to great resources.
thankyou and God Bless You ...Erika

What we don't want, we get more of. What bothers us we will get more of, and the more it bothers us, the more we will get, and the more it will bother us. It will increase and may cause
increased physical, emotional or mental problems as the related organs and parts of our body become less healthy as a result.
Rather than trying to get rid of what bothers us, we might focus on what is going on in us that causes us to be/feel" bothered by" such; in other words, to not be at peace and relaxed, feel good and happy. Whatever bothers us, there are others that experience little or no discomfort.

"I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you."

In Ho'oponopono, we can clean on whatever is going on in us that we experience being bothered by something, not to get rid of it, but that we are at peace and not bothered by it.

"I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you."

What we don't want, we get more of. What is, is. Taking 100% responsibility for what is and being at peace in the midst of it allows God - Divinity to bring the best for all of us involved.

It allows for the best possible outcomes plus insight and direction for us. If we can let go of something, it might let go of us.

And the ho'oponopono cleaning will help us to do just that.

What we all really want is peace.
At peace everything else becomes available. 

* Divinity, Please clean erase and release whatever memories are replaying in me as discomfort with what is.

* Please clean and erase and release whatever memories are replaying in me that I am experiencing this person as having this problem.
* Please clean and erase and release the memories replaying in me as frustration and that disturbs my peace.
* Please clean and erase and release the memories replaying in me as frustration and that disturbs my peace because of what I cannot hear or what I am hearing.(or your concern)
* I take 100% responsibility for what is going on in me that I experience frustration at times at what I can't hear (or hear well) or what I can hear or am hearing.(or your issue)

" I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you."
* Please release the memories that replay in me that are causing me to be bothered right now, this moment. 


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