Thursday, August 28, 2008

Begin the adventure...

hi everyone, well I have been away from this blog and posting for a week or so. I put so much into it for weeks creating it and adding posts and then I started a new blog for inspiring ho'oponopono stories as well, so I think I have had a little rest from it all. But now I want to start again anew and I have missed this. Maybe we just need a holiday from things for a while and to rebalance ourselves.

Recently I realised that I haven't had a proper holiday in a while like this year since last year sometime . I find my psyche needs to get away from it all very regularly, being a Gemini and all. Like going for weekends ,day trips, longer trips, for me its like air I need to breathe, like breathing space. Now I am saying to the universe yes to getting away to beautiful places perfect that I love , bring it on , I am ready and willing.

When you return from a trip you see things from a fresh perspective and you are ready to change things for the better . I love travel and funnily enough I have never had a passport and travelled overseas. But I know now I am gearing up for this and it will happen. I find I can travel in my dreams to different countries and have seen interesting places and people. So within us is the world waiting to be discovered . We can soul travel to inner planes and visit spiritual cities . The inner journey of discovery of who we really are, awakening us to truth and higher wisdom.

So in our arnmchairs at home we can travel anywhere we like just by closing our eyes. Well its my bed time now , well past it actually so I'd better go so I can dream and have new adventures.


May the Blessings Be

Love Erika .....

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