Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ho'oponopono ~a brother and a sister story...

Hi all, I have been practising this ho'oponoponono for a couple of months and results are amazing.
One example is my brother has HIV and is gay and when we both really young I was nasty to him as older sisters can be but was quite cruel and have felt bad ever since. Well I rang him one morning upon discovering ho'oponopono and said bruv, I"m sooo sorry for all the suffering I put you through when we younger, please forgive me and I love you and I love YOU so much. He was like ok whatever and I said YOU are going to get better I just know and I know that you are going to go on and lead an amazing life.
 Well after that I just cleaned everyday for him and he called a few days ago to say I"m now on just one tablet a day instead of 8. For my bruv that has been ill with it for four years to go to just one a day that is pretty  miraculous don't ya think. He is doing well now.

The universal love is truly amazing.

I LOVE YOU ALL Xxxxxxxxx
Jade Anthony
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