Friday, September 26, 2008

Quote: Let go

Let go

Let go

Let go of this feeling that you are trying to control your life
Your life is not controlled from the action stand point
Your life is controlled from source energy's stand point
and ohhhhh it is orchestrated beautifully

Let go

Let go

Let go of the need or the desire
Let go of the impulse to try to control the details of what
you are living
And in a fanciful way
in a dream like way
in an optimistic way
in as best way as you can from where you are standing
look down the road a little bit
and expect improvement
and it is our promise to you that this soft expectation of the eternal
improvement of your life will yield to you more than all of your
actions that you have spent all of your life put together could yield

you don't create through action
actions is how you enjoy what you've lined up with energy

Abraham Hicks - Law of attraction in action
Love and Blessings
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