Monday, October 13, 2008

Listen to Sixto share the story of the power of Ho'oponopono and healing

Hi all, this is a post from the Ho'oponopono friends yahoo group and there is a link to the free recording which I have listened to and is now on my downloads page on my website the button is there set up you just press and it plays .

The link below involves logging in and you see all the recordings she has there you can listen to for free. I have posted this as I would love to share this wonderful healing session with whoever is inspired like I was from within to listen , I am grateful to Sixto and Christina for this Healing gift from The Divine.

A week or so ago I read a post about his health and a request to clean on it and this is the result of some of us cleaning and others sending love and healing to him ~his family friends and others, this is awesome.

Listen to Sixto share the story of the power of Ho'oponopono and healing

Posted by: "Christina Menear" cmmenear

Thu Oct 9, 2008 6:40 am (PDT)

Blessings all!

Last night I had the privilege of having Sixto Rivera as a guest speaker
On my Monthly Teleseminar. Last week Sixto was in the Emergency room
Having emergency surgery and spent the next several days in ICU. A call
For healing was sent out just a week ago.

Many of you responded with healing energy, light and prayers. Last night
Sixto shared his healing experience with us.

Sixto is a gifted messenger and channel for Spirit. For those of us on
the call, it was a powerful experience. If you would like to hear
Sixto's message and experience one of my guided meditations,
I invite you to listen to the recording of the call.
There are other calls in the vault available by topic as well.

To listen go to

The bridge number is 202413.
You will be asked to enter and e-mail address to gain access.
The power of our collective energy can change the world.

In Light and Love,

Christina Menear <

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life is but a dream...

Once upon a time there was just little old me sitting on a rock, wondering and wondering what is it all about. This thing called life and living that we do everyday, going round and round the merry go round endlessly. So sat I upon this rock that was very hard and I got to thinking what if this is all a dream a play of memories replaying over and over, not real at all, very believable though. Wouldn't that be funny hah hah , row row row your boat gently down the stream merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.

Well this illusion we would wake up from would lose its power over us and we'd be free, and then what would happen to us? We would be empowered realising we are the creators of our reality consciously or unconsciously. We can either be run by our past reality being recreated over and over or we can wake up to the game of life and see we are the magician and the puppet, we are either aware or not aware.

So each time we do the cleaning and purifying of our stuff we have going on within and say I am responsible its in me no out there we get one step closer to the Divine running us, back to who we really are conscious co-creators with the Divine. And if we let the current flow our boat where it will many magical journeys await us, if we can but let go and let God . I love you and thank you!!


Friday, October 3, 2008

Daily Divine Blessings

So what is Daily Divine Blessings.The Divine is showering blessings upon us all the time and all we have to do to receive them is to notice them and be open to receiving them. So right now close your eyes and feel this downpour of Divine Love showering you from above and say Yes thank you , I am opening my heart and my consciousness to receiving this gift of Love .

I am willing to open up my heart to receiving Love.

Thank you God for all the blessings I have and for all the blessings I am receiving. This is a great statement for healing anything. This guy in Joe Vitale's book the Attractor Factor wrote this and put it everywhere in his house and his tape player and soaked himself in it for 24hours when he had double pneumonia and nothing was working and he was well within a day.

You can say thank you God for all the money I have or all the love I have or good health or just use the Blessings word.

We can Love and Bless everything in and around us , our food our thoughts our water . We can say God Bless you . May the Blessings Be, I love you , thank you .

When we appreciate ourselves , others, animals, the world this raises us to higher levels of love and joy. Maybe we could do this one day a week or an hour a day. Just looking at everything with eyes of love appreciating and blessing and loving what is in our experience.

What we notice increases so as we become aware of this love pouring in to us and give appreciation and love and thanks to everything this awareness increases its presence.

Love conquers All, Love is All, All is Love, All is one ,God is all, We are One.

All we need is love love , Love is all we need.

May the Blessings Be
with much love and gratitude
Erika L Soul

Ho'oponopono cleaning words /statements on Relationships....

These are a collection of statements I have put together ,
 Some are ones I have found and rewrote and some are my
Own inspirations. You can say them for a relationship or
For yourself when you're in stuff!  Most are ho'oponopono
 Words and a few are ones I use from other sources as well.
 You can say silently or out loud during an interaction :
Saying God Bless you ~I love You over and over during any
Conflict ( or after) with another cleans  whatever is causing
 It and miracles can happen.
Victory is another word received as an inspiration by
Al McAllister for remorse regret resentment ill feelings
Violation victimisation etc.
I turn the Lightswitch on my thoughts of me my family
Relatives and ancestors,
( or the person's name you are having difficulty with).
I am sorry. Please forgive me for whatever is going on
Within me that I am experiencing as pain ,problems and
Resentment in this R___ due to things I have experienced
Since we first met.
Thankyou I love you Lightswitch

Please clean and erase the memories and data
In me that I am experiencing as suffering and resentment
And problems In this R____ ever since it began, the whole
Movie I have been starring in with this person to zero,
I Love you~ I am sorry~Please forgive me~Thank you.
Divinity ~please cleanse to zero all the memories that are
 Now playing within me causing any stress negativity or
I Love you~ I am sorry~ Please forgive me.~Thank you.
Divinity ~please cleanse to zero  all the memories that are 
Playing within me now causing any stress negativity or
 Problems in my relationship with ......, thankyou
I Love you~ I am sorry~Please forgive me~Thank you.

 I am sorry ~please forgive me for whatever I am bringing
Where I am not seeing this person as the Divine sees
Them ,as perfect.
I wish to release any divisive thoughts about this person
So I am at peace at zero returned to my true self .
What's going on in me that's causing  this person to bug me?
I am sorry Please forgive me for whatever is going on in
Me that I am feeling bugged by them .
I am sorry for the erroneous thoughts within me that have
Caused the problem for me and them ,
Please forgive me. I love you thank you
If there is something going on in me that I am experiencing
This person  in such a way  I would like to let go of them,
I Love you~ I am sorry~ Please forgive me~Thank you.

Morrnah's Prayer.....
Divine creator, father, mother, son as one ... If I, my family,
Relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family,
Relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and
Actions from the beginning of our creation to the present,
We ask your forgiveness ..
Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative
Memories, Blocks, energies and vibrations and transmute
These unwanted energies to pure light ... And it is done."
"I love you dear memories and I am grateful for the
Opportunity To free all of you and me."
 I Love you~I am sorry~ Please forgive me~Thank you.
 Saying May the Blessings Be or Thy will be done allows
Whatever Is best to be between you and another so you can
Hand the Relationship and the issue  up to God
Then you can get out of thinking what you should do about it.
This is a brave thing to do and takes courage to let go and
Trust the Divine to do whatever is best for you both.
I like to say I surrender my desire into  Gods will and God's 
Desire with my hand on my stomach area as then I let go of
My attachment to the desire and allow what is the best thing
To occur. Sometimes its a desire for and against something
Wanting to and not wanting to, saying this statement sure
Sorts this out and releases our attachment to outcomes.
HU is a powerful cleaning word that brings spiritual peace
 And spiritual help so if you forget everything you can just
 Sing HU  a lovesong to God .
"Peace begins with me."
Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D

Pillar of the Peace of I.
Love & Blessings
(Erika L Soul)
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