Friday, October 3, 2008

Daily Divine Blessings

So what is Daily Divine Blessings.The Divine is showering blessings upon us all the time and all we have to do to receive them is to notice them and be open to receiving them. So right now close your eyes and feel this downpour of Divine Love showering you from above and say Yes thank you , I am opening my heart and my consciousness to receiving this gift of Love .

I am willing to open up my heart to receiving Love.

Thank you God for all the blessings I have and for all the blessings I am receiving. This is a great statement for healing anything. This guy in Joe Vitale's book the Attractor Factor wrote this and put it everywhere in his house and his tape player and soaked himself in it for 24hours when he had double pneumonia and nothing was working and he was well within a day.

You can say thank you God for all the money I have or all the love I have or good health or just use the Blessings word.

We can Love and Bless everything in and around us , our food our thoughts our water . We can say God Bless you . May the Blessings Be, I love you , thank you .

When we appreciate ourselves , others, animals, the world this raises us to higher levels of love and joy. Maybe we could do this one day a week or an hour a day. Just looking at everything with eyes of love appreciating and blessing and loving what is in our experience.

What we notice increases so as we become aware of this love pouring in to us and give appreciation and love and thanks to everything this awareness increases its presence.

Love conquers All, Love is All, All is Love, All is one ,God is all, We are One.

All we need is love love , Love is all we need.

May the Blessings Be
with much love and gratitude
Erika L Soul

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