Monday, December 22, 2008

Miracles do happen!!!

I started practising ho'oponopono only two weeks ago. I wish to place
on record and express gratitude for the miracles taking place in my life
especially those relating to my finances.

In fact, I had sought cleaning help on one or two Yahoo groups and
Express Miracles site of Joe Vitale regarding huge debts and other
financial liabilities and delays in receiving payments due t0 me. I am
also day in and day out practising `

`I am sorry, please forgive me, Ilove you, Thank you'.

Now my experiences.

1.I had purchased solar water heater in April 2008 and the manufacturer
was to get me rebate/subsidy of Rs.10,000/- from the local district
authorities but I have not got the payment so far.After forgiving the
manifacturer and saying ``I thank you'' and so on, all of a sudden and
miraculously, the manufacturer gave me Rs.10,000/-

from his own account.
I used the money to pay overdue credit card and loan payments .

2.I have so many overdue bills and debts to pay. I was chanting
`I amsorry; please forgive me; I love you; Thank you''.
Today morning I was inspired to close my overdraft account with the bank
and adjust my fixed deposits against the loan. My windfall---
the bank transferred Rs.16000+ to my Savings Account after closing
the OD account.
So, one loan completely wiped off and credit balance in my savings account.
And I am using this windfall to pay one more credit card bill and
some other dues.

So it works.


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