Friday, May 31, 2013

Ho'oponopono & Thy Will be Done....

This Ho'oponopono Cleaning spiritual practice is one that requires you to put in the effort to achieve the state of peace and love that can be the result of doing the ho'oponopono cleaning. You don't get it by saying I must get this outcome I want and need, only by cleaning and letting Go and letting God do what God wills. So we are all children of the Divine who can become aware that there is a loving parent (God) holding us at all times and that we can learn how to let go and trust that we are being held. If you don't like the God word just substitute the Divine or any other word you like.

The anxiety we feel is just the memories replaying causing us to whimper and cry and feel scared. If we just quiet ourselves with the cleaning phrases til we feel at peace then we can hear the loving voice of God telling us all is well and all is ok. If we can let go and trust God is there in the silence and is always waiting for us to awaken to this truth. If ho'oponopono isn't your cup of tea then sing or chant any word you  hold in high esteem or that is sacred to you, as there are many highly charged words and holy words that are very powerful and will do the same as a ho'oponopono cleaning word or tool. A default word is LOVE ! 

I love you dear memories that displace my awareness of God and the truth, thank you, I am free, I am home, I remember who I am. I can be at peace and trust that everything will work out perfectly according to the Divine's will, not my will, but Thy will be done. I surrender my desire into Gods will and God's desire.

The cleaning is important for without it we are stuck in the movie of the illusion that we have created with false data . So we can learn how to love and accept that all that is happening is only for our good and our benefit. As we say " May The Blessings Be" over and over this is a way of letting Go and Letting God do what is Gods will in any situation. So when you don't know how to help someone or a situation saying May the Blessings Be as a way of releasing the situation to God. Even someone in a bad state of mind or body or you need protection you can say " May The Blessings Be" or Baraka Bashad is the equivalent also.

Love and Blessings .....Soulerika.

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