Monday, April 6, 2009

Great things

How are you going well I may expect ? What wonderful things are you experiencing? Please don't tell me your problems as then we will just feel them , we can clean on them some other time. Right now is our time to connect and feel into our hearts the love and blessings that are in our lives. The journey is moving and shifting right now for us all and we can flow with this or resist.

The love we can feel will be our sustenance., It is all we really have in life that is always there waiting for us to feel it and allow it. I can feel happy now once I connect to this love in my heart and then connect to the love in you and we are both then sharing this love and joy.
So sharing problems has its time and place but if we instead can look at the miracles in our lives and share these we can be uplifted from our focus on what is wrong to what is beautiful.

Like the sun just came out after all the rain we just had and its beautiful. I listened to some good songs this morning that I really enjoyed and felt happy and sang and danced. Is this all we need to be happy or do we need more ? When we feel life is good it is ,when we feel its bad it is as this is our experience. So next time someone asks you how are you tell them something wonderful you have experienced recently and you will both feel the blessing of that.
Inspiring stories are wonderful !!!!!

Saying this every day has a wonderful effect as it puts you into positive expectations mode and changes your negative ones and then your angels and helpers have an open ticket to bring you more than you could ever expect for yourself. Try it and see what happens.


I am expecting GREAT THINGS TOMORROW and


These statements are from the Gentle Way by Tom T. Moore

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