Thursday, October 15, 2009

Healing Messages for YOU ...

Healing Messages from Divine Angel

Hello to all the beautiful souls receiving this Healing message.
It is time to remember ourselves to reconnect to ourselves.
These words are to heal and Awaken you.
They carry a healing frequency from my heart to yours 
from the Divine . As you read these words just be open 
to receiving this healing energy it is your choice. 
It will be releasing energy that is stuck or negative.
Every time you read this you will receive more and 
more healing energy at the right level of vibration for you .
You may share this message as you feel inspired to.
This is a free healing gift of Love .

The healing Light is shining upon you now  right now.
It is here to uplift you into new levels of truth and awareness.
Feel the Love in your heart feel the Joy come Alive and
Reconnect to yourself and Divine Spirit.

All is well and all is ok. You are a powerful spiritual being !
You create your life nobody else does, you are the Artist.
What do you want to paint now ?
 Choose wisely and well because you will be
Experiencing this scene within you in your future.
Paint what you truly desire to Be and Do.
Remember you are very Loved always.
Live your life from this truth fully and
Miracles will occur in each and every moment.


Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love

by Soulerika

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