Monday, December 28, 2009

for the love of rabbits

I love rabbits and we've had wild rabbits coming into our back garden for a long time and I love seeing them running around. When we moved in to this home over 4years ago we had a white pet rabbit we'd been looking after for a while and she loved running around in our new big bushy treed backyard alas we didn't know there were foxes around who came in from the green belt behind our back fence and all we found was white fur left of her , I was so upset over this , Our neigbour said all his pets had been got by foxes so now he was only going to get a dog. I had some dreams where I saw all these  rabbits and they came up to me and one was our white rabbit. After this dream wild rabbits started coming into our yard and this eased my missing our rabbit. In my whole life I had never had rabbits come into my backyard before. We had cared for our rabbit for a year or so and had given her freedom to run around as it felt cruel caging her. Now I get to enjoy seeing rabbits close up without feeding or worrying about them.
In my childhood on my grandparents property I loved to watch the rabbits in the early morning it seemed so magical in the early dawn and my grandpa would come into our bedroom at night and make a rabbit with his hands which we loved.
The joy I feel from seeing the wild rabbits in our area is a  real blessing. I know people treat them like vermin and want to exterminate them but I see them as a gift and love them. I learnt to love and care for a rabbit that wasn't mine and helped  it to get used to having freedom from its cage where it felt safe and move into a bigger area of life. The gift was worth its life in the end. Everything in life teaches us if we are willing.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Divine Angel Treasure


Divine Inspirations coming through us speaking to us
Coming as a gift of Joy and Blessings
Oh what a wonderful joy to be Inspired
With a Divine Idea full of Light and Love
Oh what a web of Light we belong to
So connected are we in Truth
We are pure energy of thought ~ of matter ~ of being
We only need to transcend the physical and see the truth
Of our connectedness to all Life
Go forth and bring this Light this Flame this torch
And shine your Light as you are guided to
Be Divine Inspiration Be Truth Be Love
Let it come through you
And you will soon see how your Life is
Transformed into a Living  Jewel.



Monday, December 14, 2009

I See Me

You have a magnificent temple called your Divine consciousness within you-

the journey is discovering this Temple.

I see Me  reaching for the Light as a flower reaches for the warmth of the sun.

As a result I see Me being powerfully connected to the Light.

I see Me feeling the love of the Creator.

I see My mind opening as I am  now dropping all previous concepts of Myself. 

As I do that, I am  transforming into who I really  AM   —
the embodiment of the Light and Sound of the Creator of All that Is.

I see Me  incapable of harboring any thoughts of judgement against self or anyone else.

I see Myself marveling at the mystery of life.

I see Myself  experiencing miracles every day.

from a post by Alex Wilon  with some changes  by Me ~ Soulerika

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Increasing faith and dealing with ego resistance

This is from Alexander Wilon who has a website with a lot of free
healing tools meditations and ho'oponopono.
He lives in Canberra and is going to be offering a free healers course next year.
This is one of his emails to people and I liked it so so I am sharing it with you.
IF you do put a request on his website for a healing just remember he has a
big list so be patient. I was very lucky to receive one and I got an email with
a lot of information he received most of it I could relate to and was very pertinent.
So here it is and lots of love and blessings to you Soulerika

One of the reasons why healings do not occur is resistance from the Ego.
I am posting this personal reply  for everyone toRead.
Once again this too will be part of the healing course.
 In my view there is no such a thing as an incurable disease--
but there are incurable people.
 So one of the primary tasks of the healing course will be to provide
Tools to help "incurable people" become "curable".
 We have received in excess of 12000 healing requests and the demand is
Increasing.  We have not yet advertised the, Site
and I do not intend doing so until the course is completed and I Have a
sufficient number of volunteer healers to deal with the Expected inflow.

One thing is for sure--people are resonating with our message. 
Among The members to this group are Yogis, Buddhist monks,
Brahma KumarisMonks, Priests, Doctors and Mental Health practitioners--
I am greatly Humbled by the membership list.
 If you are one of those (patient) people waiting, please do know that
You are in my mind.  You have not been forgotten.
I read every Request as it arrives and I treat all request with the
respect that it Deservers.
 Meanwhile please DO visit  +                             
These sites offer many tools that will help you heal yourself.

The ego wants you to cease doing anything that is oppressing it LOL.
 There is a positive twist to this ... 
Whenever you sense that the ego Is throwing a huge tantrum YOU KNOW
that you are onto something good.
The ego will never oppose something that is unlikely to cause it Grief.
 Would you like to develop faith in yourself and the power that is
Within you?   Yes?  Then do this.  No rituals are required.

I practice meditation 4 times a day.  8 am, 12 noon, 4 PM and 8 PM.
These are special moments for me because during these times
I align With the Father in me.
 Throughout the day I practice the greeting of the Father (or Tao) in
Everything I see.  I have been doing this since I was 4 years old
(probably earlier than that, but I do not remember).
 So there is no stress or force. It is as natural as breathing.

In a nutshell …

1.  Accept yourself as you are.  No excuses, no pretence--just as you
Are. Love who you are unconditionally--without judgement.

This is how the Creator sees you.  If you want His ear, you need to
Vibrate at the same frequency--no judgement whatsoever.

2.  Ease off on pressure.  The more pressure you place on life, the
More pressure you will receive.  So place no more than 4 oz of
Pressure on yourself and life in general.  Be gentle with yourself and
Others.  Do not PUSH and SHOVE in your thoughts.

At the same time, when life seems to tighten the screws, resist to no
More than 4 oz of pressure.  Any more than that, yield to it as a tree
Bends to the winds of the hurricane and thrives in the process.

The hurricane will pass and the tree will be stronger and healthier
For it.  Yielding is not surrendering.  It is a smart way of dealing
With the energy of life.

Example:  Someone begins arguing and being rude. 
You accept 4 oz ofThat energy and then you bend.
You let go of all attachments to that Situation.
You step back and watch it from far.
This will help you And the aggressor equally.

Example: The ego starts abusing you and calling you names and being
the usual nasty bastard. Accept 4 oz of that energy and then yield to It.
 Allow that energy to go through you.  Move yourself out of the
Picture.  Accept that the nasty voice of the ego is part of life--it
Is the Yang of life "grasshopper".  Look forward to the Yin part
Because it must come--it is the law of the universe.

Accept the concept of Yin and Yang.  Life is energy.  The waves of
Energy come and go--it is the natural ebb and flow of living.

3.  Develop faith in yourself and the power that created you.

You do this by deciding what it is that you want.  You do not have to
Furiously affirm it, or turn it into an obsession (remember no more
Than 4 oz of pressure).
 You simply think about it and accept it in your heart as something
That you desire.  You then leave the doing to the power that created
You.  How and where and why it will take place is not your doing.

Now and then remind yourself that the power that created you, and that
Continues to give you life, has responded and is now at work.
Be receptive to all opportunities.Stay out of the kitchen!  Do not even peep. 
Do not try to work out what the chef is cooking, just sit at the table in
anticipation of receiving the most wonderful meal.
When the ego tries to raise doubt and ridicule your work, accept no
more than 4 oz of pressure.
 Do not resist it or fight it, just bend with it.  Remind yourself that
the ego is a necessary component of your success.  In order for the
Yin to occur you need to also deal with the Yang.
 Visit this group at
All the best and have a great and miraculous day.
Alex Wilon

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A new combined Blog and new blog address

hi everyone receiving this post , I am now  letting you know that I am changing this blogger address to because I am combining my two blogs into one blog. It will still have alot of ho'oponopono content as well as all my other treasures and healing info I post about . So if you wish to please rejoin again on my new combine blog at .
Thankyou for being a part of my blog and if you have suddenly got alot of posts from this blog sorry about that as I imported a whole blog into this one .
This has now become a bigger and better blog wow!!!
lots of love and blessings to you

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dr Hew Len 1 of 9, ho'oponopono

Interview of Dr Hew Len with Rita Montgomery and Dr Rick Moss. Data is what is running us. It is at the root of what we experience. Change that within yourself and the outer world changes.

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