Monday, December 28, 2009

for the love of rabbits

I love rabbits and we've had wild rabbits coming into our back garden for a long time and I love seeing them running around. When we moved in to this home over 4years ago we had a white pet rabbit we'd been looking after for a while and she loved running around in our new big bushy treed backyard alas we didn't know there were foxes around who came in from the green belt behind our back fence and all we found was white fur left of her , I was so upset over this , Our neigbour said all his pets had been got by foxes so now he was only going to get a dog. I had some dreams where I saw all these  rabbits and they came up to me and one was our white rabbit. After this dream wild rabbits started coming into our yard and this eased my missing our rabbit. In my whole life I had never had rabbits come into my backyard before. We had cared for our rabbit for a year or so and had given her freedom to run around as it felt cruel caging her. Now I get to enjoy seeing rabbits close up without feeding or worrying about them.
In my childhood on my grandparents property I loved to watch the rabbits in the early morning it seemed so magical in the early dawn and my grandpa would come into our bedroom at night and make a rabbit with his hands which we loved.
The joy I feel from seeing the wild rabbits in our area is a  real blessing. I know people treat them like vermin and want to exterminate them but I see them as a gift and love them. I learnt to love and care for a rabbit that wasn't mine and helped  it to get used to having freedom from its cage where it felt safe and move into a bigger area of life. The gift was worth its life in the end. Everything in life teaches us if we are willing.

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