Monday, December 14, 2009

I See Me

You have a magnificent temple called your Divine consciousness within you-

the journey is discovering this Temple.

I see Me  reaching for the Light as a flower reaches for the warmth of the sun.

As a result I see Me being powerfully connected to the Light.

I see Me feeling the love of the Creator.

I see My mind opening as I am  now dropping all previous concepts of Myself. 

As I do that, I am  transforming into who I really  AM   —
the embodiment of the Light and Sound of the Creator of All that Is.

I see Me  incapable of harboring any thoughts of judgement against self or anyone else.

I see Myself marveling at the mystery of life.

I see Myself  experiencing miracles every day.

from a post by Alex Wilon  with some changes  by Me ~ Soulerika

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