Thursday, December 23, 2010

Very enlightening story!!!!!

Ponder on This!

The piano teacher looks at the clock again, it is 5.30p.m and his client is 15mins late. At first he thinks it may be traffic that has held her up, but 30mins later there is still no sign of her and no telephone call. Even though he works from home, he is now angry and he feels that his time has been wasted. He starts to think how selfish she has been and he begins to judge her past actions, which are only confirming his belief of how she never follows his rules of time and his frustration begins to emerge…

His client is driving her car to pick up her daughter from school, and she is late for the piano lesson because her daughter’s school trip has over run. The woman has not been home during the day and does not have the piano teacher’s telephone number with her. Suddenly, she starts to feel angry and she does not know why. She starts to get angry at the school and in particular with the bus driver for his lateness, and then she remembers all the times people have let her down and she starts to think about various people who have made her angry in her life. In turn, these people begin to feel angry…. And they do not know why…

At the school she meets up with the other 30 parent’s who are waiting for the school bus, and they too are angry about the driver being late. It is Friday evening and everyone wants to be at home winding down and relaxing. A woman calls to the head teacher, ‘This is ridiculous. I’ve waited here for 30mins and still no sign of them’. They all nod their heads in agreement and they start to talk to each other about the last time the school made a mistake, or how long they’ve had to wait for a bus, to see a doctor, or a dentist, etc, and emotions begin to run high, as the chat turns into gossip and judgment. This distorted energy is now being sent to those from the past and the doctors, dentists and those that they have gossiped about suddenly begin to feel angry…and they do not know why…

Meanwhile, the bus driver is very flustered, as he has now been stuck in a roadwork jam on the M25 for 45mins and he is feeling angry with the guys who are laying the new road. He beeps his horn in frustration, and because he also has 30 parent’s thinking about him, his anger is gets worse. To top it all off, the kids are tired and they are beginning to play up. He yells at them to be quiet, but they too are feeling fed-up and frustrated.

The guys doing the road works are just not happy at all. There has been several hold ups with the building of the road, and they have had to narrow the motorway to a single lane, causing an eight mile queue. One guy looks up as the school bus as the driver beeps his horn. He tries to diffuse the situation by waving at the driver, but the driver puts up his fist in anger and the guy drops his head. He begins to feel angry too and he begins to look at his life. It is a monotonous existence and he is just not living his aspirations. An image of his father pops into his mind and he thinks about how his father would not let him follow his dream of playing in an orchestra, and feelings of anger and blame begin to surface. In a town 50miles away his father suddenly feels angry with his life…and he does not know why…
The guy looks at his work mates, who also look fed-up. You can almost see a haze of projected thought forms of anger and frustration around them from the passing traffic. ‘Fancy a drink down the pub?’ he shouts. No wonder they get drunk most nights, as the pub has become a way of releasing themselves from the disruptive projected energy.

The rush hour of six thousand cars slowly pass the workers by. Most of the drivers face’s look fed up and stern. They are thinking about the traffic queue and angry memories from the day or from the past begin to surface. They pass on the anger to at least half-a-dozen people each. There are now 36,000 people feeling angry who do not know why… In turn, they begin to think about what has made them angry and pass it on to at least half-a-dozen people each. There are now 216,000 people feeling angry who do not know why… they pass it on… Within the hour 46 million people are feeling angry who do not know why… This anger is spreading faster than any disease or plague!!!

Meanwhile, nature is being bombarded by all the polluted thoughts from humanity. In response the rats begin to run riot in a city’s main sewage system. Over a period of days they begin to infest thousands of homes. It is becoming a hygienic problem for the inhabitants. A rat bites a small child and she breaks out in a fever. Mother Nature is giving expression to the anger of humanity. The thought forms from humanity always materialise and deeply effect the environment...

A week later the piano man is laid in bed with flu. He has not been able to move out of bed for two days, as his temperature is very high and he is furious with himself. All of his appointments have had to be cancelled. No-one around him has had the flu so he cannot understand how he caught it… His daily life is created by his thoughts and his original thoughts about his client have now come back to him laden with angry bacteria, which has broke through his aura and sapped his strength. His thoughts added to the anger that plagues this planet and this had an effect on millions of people. What is given out will always return multiplied…

In the next village, a woman is sitting with a cup-of-tea. She is looking out of her window at the daffodils in her garden when suddenly, she begins to feel angry. She immediately goes outside into the garden and questions where the anger came from, as she knows it does not belong to her. Checking her own thoughts and feelings she begins to search inside for the source and she finds the energy of an old school friend who is projecting anger towards her. In response she puts up a mirror at this friend and sends light through the mirror to diffuse the anger. This light travels into her friend’s energy and begins to break down the anger. In turn, the light is passed on and affects the person who sent the anger to him, and the chain goes on. The only antidote to a disease or plague is love. To change the world, only one person needs to take responsibility for their thoughts. The woman has now given light to millions of people without even leaving her garden. The plague ends here…until the next thought of anger arises…

A few years later the piano man dies and he finds himself in a dark and crowded place. He is in a parallel world that is not much different from the earth that he left behind and surrounding him are similar things and similar people. His level of understanding life is just the same. In his confusion he starts to get angry with those around him for his current state. He grumbles to himself and blames the government, his parent’s and society and he looks back at all the times when people did not live up to his expectations and please him and he remembers the incident of his client who did not show up. Immediately, he begins to defend himself by judging and criticising her actions. Suddenly, he remembers her apologetic telephone call that occurred the next day, so he starts to look at the whole situation from her angle and the reality of what really happened reveals itself. He sees the effect his angry thoughts had upon her and the world and he begins to cry and wail at the emptiness of his life. All those wasted opportunities to bring forth a life filled with love, compassion, self-love, joy and freedom. Instead he chose to create a small, limited and cynical world. Slowly over time he is shown that there is nothing outside of the self. We attract all that comes our way.

The truth is… whether in life or death, you will have to face the effect of all your thoughts, words and actions. One thought affects every living thing, every aspect of nature, the earth, the planets and the cosmos; that’s how powerful you truly are........

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Night in the life of a Reader

Tonite I found myself not feeling very energised or in a connected space whilst giving a reading and struggled doing it at all. Not feeling very good about this I went to eat my dinner with my partner to whom I shared  about how I was feeling and my low energy state. Before I could finnish my dinner I got a phone call from a client going through something she wanted to tell me about but before I could really reply to her my reading line rang and I had to go to answer it as I was  logged in. I could have logged out to eat my dinner in peace but I had seen there was not enough readers on at all so I decided to stay on even though I felt the way I did. I would get back to my private client later and apologise for not being able to call her back that night.

Somehow I got time to get my video/phone and watched the Pulse technique video focussing on how my energy was and my feelings from everything going on, I managed a second 3min session then the phone rang again so I answered it and took the video phone with me and kept it on repeatedly during the reading in front of me on my table. Now I noticed a huge shift in how I felt and responded to the callers needs , I was tuned in and connected and I had energy. It was a great call and lasted 40mins , I felt I was being of divine service and we did a healing Angel reading , which is healing the issues while we talk about things going on in the persons life while I tune into my inner guidance as to what to share with them. It all flowed easily from me as I focused on Deb's face as she did the Pulse technique. I didn't feel tired anymore but uplifted and happy. God~the Angels~my spiritual teacher all assisted me work with the caller as I let myself be a vehicle for Divine Love to flow through me to the person.

I let the energy from Source~Divinity in the video clear all that was going on in me as I listened to the caller and clear any memories-programs -beliefs  we may have in common . I felt very grateful for this experience as it was a real miracle turn around of negativity and a low state to a loving connected state. The rest of my dinner got burnt in the oven by the time I could eat it oh well I mustn't have been meant to eat anymore of it. Somehow the client was going through a big turn around as well from alot of trouble and problems to feeling hopeful of a change to healing and peace.

This really confirmed for me how the Pulse technique can help one to clear negativity and problems instantly. I have many wonderful healing tools I use in my work and they are all loved and appreciated each one helpful at different times. Like recipe ingredients they combine together for  wonderful creations of healing and great outcomes. After I finnished the reading I really felt ready for a break and some food but the line was still short of readers and they wanted me to stay on, I felt this conflict of my needs vs theirs and stayed on, but I said I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for getting a break and no calls so my needs would get addressed too. I did end up sitting down watching a favourite tv show and having a cuppa and later I logged off and there was another reader on. What a night that finnished well. And here I am now inspired to write this down and share it which I don't usually do !

The Pulse technique is by Jo Dunning and on the video one of her main assistants is Debra Cummings who facilitates the process, the video is on my Blog  here just a few posts above.

All is WELL,  All is OK !
~love SoulErika~

Erika L Soul
Angel Channelling Guide
Soul Energy Healer
Spiritual Counsellor


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meeting Braco Part 1/2 - updated

Braco is one of the most extraordinary healers of our time. He does not use specific techniques, but with his love and gaze alone he is able to heal people from severe illnesses. Braco does not offer private sessions but gazes at groups of people which can go into the thousands and take no longer than about 5 minutes!
All Braco is asking from people in these sessions, is to focus on his eyes and concentrate on the space 2 fingers below your heart in the middle of the chest.
This video helps to focus on Braco's gaze, his eyes, to connect and feel his love and the power of his healing presence.

Friday, November 19, 2010

ThetaHealing Downloads *Freedom To Be*

All you need to do to Receive these thetahealing downloads is to Allow them into your cells on every level of your Being and allow all that would block these to be Transformed, and all of this Integrated divinely for YOU, 

Here they are from the Divine to You with Love

* That you know how and what it feels like to be all that you are capable of being;
* That you know on all levels of your Being that You Can Do Anything; 
* That you know and trust the truth of your Being; 
* That you know how to shift and transform any blocks to being all that you desire to Be, do or have; 
* That you know how and what it feels like on all levels to be Abundant;
* To grow and Prosper in all areas of your life ;
* To Love yourself completely just the way you are;
* To be open to receiving and feel worthy of receiving Divine Blessings always;
* To move forward in your life effortlessly and easily flowing with the Divine;
* To Live and Dwell in your Vortex of all you have created from your heart;
* To release and surrender all to God and feel Blessed to serve however you are guided to .

* All of these truths and understandings are Downloaded now into your every cell and all that needs to be released is taken to the Light of God and transformed into pure positive Energy now as you say YES THANKYOU to these and  IT is Done, thankyou and God Bless  . Feel the shift occur now and trust it is Done. Walk tall and strong and Receive with Gratitude and Grace. 

*You can repeat these downloads as often as you like.

SoulErika ❤♥••.♫♪♫•☆¸¸.•*¨*•♫*•.¸

if you wish to leave any comments or reactions below I would be grateful as this will  encourage me to do  further thetahealing downloads here for you thankyou thankyou .

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Creating...

What are we but little particles of many all here for some reason. Some of us just live our lives wonderfully and others miserably. So what is the reason for this difference. We can choose our states of mind and emotions in each moment until they add up to an incredible life that others are amazed by. In each and every moment we have a choice to sit up or bow down, to be ourselves or play victim, to trust or fear. If the balance is on the upside - the positive you will feel more happy than sad, if the balance is on the downside of things you will feel unhappy. Your focus creates this and your choices . So let us together now create to all be our best selves.

I put my best foot forward, I take a leap of faith, I enjoy this moment . I have noticed a good feeling now that makes me smile and feel glad I am here. I see the words I love you in a heart next to me and I drink in the words . I give myself a pat on the back and say I Love you and I appreciate you. I see the word HU and appreciate this most beautiful gift that has been in my life for 16 years. I sing Hu silently to say I love you to the Divine.  
I wonder at all the good things I have experienced and I remember them and say thankyou for these blessings. Ah it is so good to write these words and feel love and appreciation within me. I trust that all will be well and life will be good. I trust the sun will shine after the clouds have moved and I will feel this sunshine on me uplifting me and my world. Now I have enjoyed myself immensely in this wonderful time of happy creating, thankyou and I love you God Bless You ..

Soulerika ❤♥••.♫♪♫•☆¸¸.•*¨*•♫*•.¸

Monday, November 1, 2010

What to do When Things feel Bad !!!!

My List of 39 Things I can do when I feel BAD!

1)   Sing HU...........................................................
2)   Breathe............................................................
3)   Remember this will pass........................................
4)   Debra Cummings pulse technique YouTube 4min video -
5)   Go for a walk......................................................
6)   Say a Most Benevolent Outcome to my Angels...............
7)   Say and repeat Ho'oponopono-cleaning words..............
8)   Look at Sacred Geometry images...............................
9)   Release it all to God,Angels etc................................
10) Ask my Spiritual guide for guidance and assistance.......... 

11) Love it all, allow myself to feel bad and release all to God...
12) Look at healing images...........................................
13) Love myself and forgive myself for creating it..............
14) Think and focus on a good feeling thought....................
15) Listen to a healing Recording.....................................
16) Give to someone else...............................................
17) Change my focus to something or someone great............
18) Talk to my inner child and give her love and acceptance...
19) Enjoy something in the moment , a bird or a flower.........
20) Stop trying to change or fix it or control things and Let go.....
21) Ask my creative mind to come up with a solution............
22) Say a mantra..........................................................
23) Recognise this is an illusion, only love is Real.................
24) Allow all the feelings to be the way they are and flow...
25) Tell someone about how I am feeling or the problem.........
26) Write each feeling as a word until they become positive ....
27) Journal the issue get creative like writing afformations etc
28) Draw a picture!......................................................
29) Distract myself , sing a funny song do something silly.......
30) Tell myself All is well , All is OK.....................................
31) Read this list........................................................
32) Do a healing technique e.g.Theta Heal it .....................
33) Lie down and relax and do a spiritual  exercise
34) Read a Spiritual book full of love and truth......................
35) Hug myself...................................................................
36) Do some energy tapping on acupuncture points.................. 
37) Read a clearing statements page like Zpoint/afformations.......
38) Pick an Angel therapy card or  look at Orb images...................
39) Be creative in the moment ~ dance sing jump or laugh!!!!........

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reaching for the Best

              Reaching for the Best

 I have written this story as it unfolded and have added each next occurence so it has been a work in progress and I have edited it many times to read better for you.
I needed to buy a new computer and I was only looking at getting a cheap computer for under $200 as I'd never really considered buying a new high tech computer as I  felt this wasn't possible, way out of my reach! So then I had the idea why not go for the best, one I would love to have and forget about how and limitations and just go for it, allow it in! We have had problems all year with the one I have I paid $80 for and lately its been playing up and we have been doing alot of backups and restoring work and its been touch and go a few times and alot of work for my partner.

 So I checked out the store that had one I had seen and wanted and realised this wasn't going to be available for much longer and already alot of stores had sold them out. I had seen one on special near my parents in the country recently on a visit to them and asked my Dad could he see if they still had it as I didn't like the full price tag on the one I found locally, the next thing I know he calls and says yes they have it at the special price still and it can be sent to my local store. Now this was amazing as Aldi stores are very basic service and this they don't normally do . 

 I have now said many Most Benevolent Outcomes for buying it so I wil only get it if its right for me and now I have asked for an MBO for paying for it when it arrives.
I am just going to trust the universe that I will be able to pay for it and that money will come. I also did Jo Dunnings Pulse Technique on my computer situation which cleared the way to manifest a better one for me.To experience this technique for free on any issue you can watch a youtube on this page titled Pulse technique

This has been a big thing for me to do as I have had 4 computers so far that didn't cost much and they haven't lasted too long even though they have given me great service in the meantime. I do alot of work on the computer and I envision this new one will mean I can expand what I do to a higher level. So maybe its as simple as reaching for the best and allowing it in and not being limited in your thinking of how it can happen. I am now waiting on its arrival and trusting all will be well and only the best is for me. And saying
Thankyou, thankyou , thankyou.

How to say an MBO
~ "Guardian Angels, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for ......thankyou!" you write them or say them outloud. To learn more about MBO's click here: Most Benevolent Outcomes .

A week later I go to the store and find out there is no way for the computer to come from Hamilton to Bayswater, but I got a great
MBO in that the store person rang around for me and found one locally, but at the expensive price so after some more quick MBO's she talked to the guy at the FTG store who agreed to let me buy it at the $100 off price the Hamilton store had been selling them at. there was only 1 store that had one left so I was very lucky and that I got it cheaper.


Now the thing is to pay it off and so I said More MBO's for this as I was concerned how I would manage to do this and then my daughter gave me some money towards it so I added some to and I have worked out regular payments  til its paid for completely.

I am telling any family or friends for Xmas I'd love a gift of money to my computer fund! So now I have realised if the Aldi Hamilton storeperson hadn't said yes it could be sent to Melbourne I woudn't have gone to Aldi's Bayswater and had the person there helping me cos of the mixup! A big MBO! gotta love them and the Angels who help behind the scenes thankyou Angels !!!

Now I have it home and we have transferred everything over to it and its a dream using it so high tech and I love it and I am so glad I stretched myself to get past my limitations I had.I even got a new computer screen at a great price and a webcam so I can do Skype readings now. I have advanced in more ways than just a computer. A computer is a representation of a state of consciousness and I had to let go of old ways of lack and limitation to go to a new level of operating . Helped spiritually by my spiritual helpers and by wonderful human angels  I achieved a miracle for me. And having it lets me do my work with more ease and grace and serve others !

 2011 update

At Xmas time I realised that my dream of receiving gifts of money from family was probably  a pipe dream as there were only a few gifts being exchanged among a few of us . Then we saw my mother-in-law Xmas night and she gave us a huge gift of money enough to pay off my computer, we were so amazed and grateful for this gift. At first I was having alot of fun running through all the things we could do with the money and afterwards I realised I'd asked for this so I could pay off my computer that I’d put on my credit card. I had written here that I’d  like to receive money from family to help pay for my new computer but I didn't say this to many family members and certainly not my mother-in-law so the Universe works out your request for a great Most Benevolent outcome.

May Update, My partner just had a big birthday with a 0 in it and he really wanted a new computer. It'sa bit hard for him being the computer tech guy and my computer assistant when I have the new great computer and his is good but not this good. So I saw a great Aldi laptop he liked and we went to the store to see it and as you have 60days to return it if you aren't happy with it and a 2yr warranty so we couldn't lose . It even has a tv tuner so we have been watching tv on it, a first for us. So what I did unbeknownst to him was tell everyone coming to his 60th that we were all contributing to getting him a new laptop. I paid for it first so we could give it to him on the night. This all felt like a repeat of buying mine as the fears came up if I would receive enough money to pay for it completely. Well after many MBO's for receiving enough money to pay for it we received exactly what was needed to pay it off at the dinner in many many cash donations that were very generous and I am so grateful to everyone who gave $. What a relief and the laptop is so great and he's very happy with it, he didn't know about the gift until the dinner and it was given to him . I said MBO's for buying it , then paying for it and his celebration and everyone really had a great night. Phew !!!

Whatever it is you dream of you can receive under Grace 
and I wish for you all your heart desires, thankyou



Divine Angel Readings
Erika L  Soul

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank You I Love You - unmastered by Sushumna

Ho'oponopono Cleaning song by Sushumna a Kirtan devotional singing group.
Beautiful song to help you do the cleaning of all thoughts feelings memories operating you that hold you back from the Divine within.Just click on link in the title to listen to this and other songs by Sushumna for free, and you can buy it also.

I was invited to the Central Coast for a special two day Solstice Celebration weekend  in June and heard Sushumna sing this live in an amazing room at the Telos Australia centre in Blue Bay. Afterwards  those attending the event sang this together to clean on anything within them it was beautiful,  the next day at  a venue in Newcastle another audience sang this together after a talk on ho'oponopono. Sushumna gave me their cd as a gift because I wanted to share their ho'oponopono song with others. Sushumna's other songs are deeply moving as well.

with Love ~ Soulerika~

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ho'oponopono ~ Cleansing Memories to Zero

As you watch this video you can focus on any problem, issue, relationship or concern .As you listen and watch these images and words they will assist you in letting go of the memories that created the issue. Feel the peace of the words and music take you to the clear zero state of freedom from being run by past memories and beliefs and allow the divine within you to inspire you instead. A lot of the images are ho'oponopono cleaning tools that you can eat or have around you. If you have any questions or want to learn more about ho'oponopono visit:

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ann Taylor -Healing your Money issues.

This is a free replay of Ann Taylors - Heal Your Money Issues recording and in it  she does the healing/downloading during the recorded session, it is similar to Theta Healing but it's  done differently. These healing Cds are sold on her website, you can check out Ann's healing work here on

click below on this link for this free healing on money recorded session or click on the post title link.

thankyou in love and appreciation
Divine Angel Readings & Rainbow Healings

Monday, August 2, 2010

Best Feeling Thought



***This was created by me with Love as a gift for you! 


Monday, July 26, 2010

Manifesting our Gifts

It is ok to want or desire something, you can hold on to  this want or you can release this  to God , let Go and let God  create it in the most perfect way for you. You can say ~ I surrender this desire into Gods will and Gods desire for me now.Feel  as if you already have it now , no need or attachment as It is deeply fulfilled. Say this within yourself ~ I don't know how I have this now, I only know I do Now and I am fulfilled. Thankyou~ This is The One Command statement that you can say for anything at all from the Divine state and allow that to be your truth on all levels. Do not resist your Desire . Just Allow it to be here Now. Repeat to yourself  ~I have everything I need as I need it~ And It is So. And It is done.

Wanting says I haven't got IT, it's the inner child saying Give it to me NOW, Where is IT ??? The Empowered Creative Self says I do Have It NOW as all my needs and wants are met within me right NOW. And it is SO !! There is nothing to Need , Hide from or Fear I am Whole and Complete Right NOW and Right HERE. You can sing this over and over again. You are either resisting IT being here Now or Allowing  IT to Be here Now. To BE or not to Be, kay sera sera. You are either pushing IT away or Embracing IT with Love.

Our gifts lie within Us, they come thru Us and are born into the World. We give our inborn gift the Gift of Life as we allow it to come forth from Creation into a physical manifestation. It is God expressing through Us and our DNA blueprint that becomes our Unique Gift, our Individual Self  infused with Gods Essence that is Us expressing Us to the World. Allowing this is the Key and Accepting our Gift of Us then we can Embrace Us and the Gift of Us and Give IT to the World. 

This is my Gift to You the reader of this! This All being Expressed through me from the Divine and Out into the World. May this Bless your Life ! 

from my heart to your heart

I Love You  God Bless You and Thankyou



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Decree of Abundance

 I Am prosperous 
and I Am open and receptive to God's limitless Flow Of Abundance.

The walls of lack and delay now crumble away,
and I enter my Promised Land, under grace.


From The Light of God that I Am.
From The Love of God that I Am.
From The Power of God that I Am.
From The Heart of God that I Am.

I Decree:

I dwell in the midst of
Infinite Abundance
The Abundance of God Is My Infinite Source

The River of Life
Never stops flowing.
It flows through me into Lavish expression 
Good comes to me through Unexpected avenues and
God works in a myriad of ways To bless me

I now open my mind to receive my good
Nothing is too good to be True
Nothing is too wonderful to have happen
With God as my Source, Nothing amazes me

I Am not burdened by thoughts of past or future
 One is gone The Other is yet to come

By the power of my belief,
Coupled with my purposeful fearless Actions
And my deep rapport with God,
My future is created and My Abundance made manifest.

I ask and accept that I am lifted in this
And every moment into Higher Truth
My mind is quiet

From this day forward
I give freely and fearlessly into life
And Life gives back to me with magnificent increase
Blessings come in Expected and unexpected ways

God provides for me in wondrous ways
I Am indeed grateful 

                                                    And I let It be so....


The Angels Say~ Join us in the place that resides deep within you in the stillness, hear and feel our Love embracing you completely ♥ We Love YOU ♥

The Angels Say ~ We love you and only send you loving energy and wish you many Blessings please accept these gifts from us♥

The Angels Say ~ We only Love you and Support you in your Life that is our Purpose so avail yourself of this, Tune in to our Love each moment ♥

The Angels Say ~ We are here with you always never fear, in a moment we will enfold you in our Loving Embrace and gently calm your fears~♥

The Angels Say ~ Connect to your heart and truly listen to its rhythm♥ its beat is the sound of the Universe connecting you to All of Life ♥

The Angels Say ~We surround you now with our wings of Love, feel us come close to you and listen to what we are saying " golden light enters into your being from the higher realms right now" open to this and it will lift you up into our realms.


  Saying these repeatedly can change your life!! ♥  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Why am I such an Amazing Person in every way ?               

Why am I so   Loved and Respected ?

Why am I creating an Amazing Life right now? 

Why am I   PURE LOVE  ?

Why do I have Everything I need as I need it ? 

Why am I always Aware of and residing in my own inner Beingness of peace ?

Why is it so Easy and so Ok for Me to Have, Do and Be Anything I Want ?
Why am I vibrationally aligned with the   Source of All  within me right now ?
Why do I have a divinely blessed Abundant day ? 
Why am I so Sure Guided  and Secure ? 
Why do I release all memories to Zero right now ?
Why am I pure Soul a being of pure Love  Vibration ? 


“Guardian Angel, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that I be fully open to all possibilities that lead me to the highest and most Divine expression of my soul, and all of the experiences my beautiful soul chooses this lifetime. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”♥

"Guardian Angel, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for each moment of Today and for a wonderful Divine Abundantly Blessed DAY, THANKYOU ♥

♥ ♥“Guardian Angel, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that New Channels of Wealth Open to Me Daily ! ! THANKYOU ♥

♥ ♥“Guardian Angel, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for New Fields of Divine Activity to Now Open Up for Me !! THANKYOU♥

♥♥“Guardian Angel, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that I Happily Disconnect Myself and Release Myself from all Negative Energies Entities Influences and Programs and I Let All This Go Now THANKYOU ♥

♥♥“Guardian Angel, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that As I sleep tonight,I choose to easily and spontaneously release any and all limiting beliefs, whether known or unknown, that in any way block the constant and harmonious flow of my personal happiness, abundance, wealth and wellbeing, and I acknowledge that when I awake in the morning I will be in a pure and constant state of allowing the flow of my personal happiness, abundance, wealth and well being ♥ THANKYOU ♥♥     (this one From Linda Miller)

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The Gentle Way Book .

Lots of ♥Divine Inspirations for You ♥ by Soulerika *

♥ As I watch the kaleidoscope of my life I see new patterns emerging that bring new gifts and blessings and wonderful new things that I Love !♥

♥ Inspired messages come from Within ~they are always waiting to be felt and heard by You ~ So stop for a moment and listen to what is waiting for you in the Stillness within~A message of Love Appreciation and Gratitude of your very Beingness ♥

♥ Divine Inspirations come to us when we are quiet and still just a gentle knowingness that whispers secrets to us if we let them in.

♥ My message to me today is * Thankyou  for being YOU* I LOVE YOU and even when it seems that I don't I am here still loving YOU forever♥

♥ What if we WRITE messages that we want to HEAR that our Inner Being LOVES to hear just for our Enjoyment and this is the Best TRUTH to Share♥

♥ Whichever way you go is the Right Way, for we are on our souls path already, we cannot go wrong as all paths lead to our true home with God.





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