Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recipes for healing

You can mix any healing technique together as  you get inspired to they are all recipe ingredients and sometimes you can add 2 together or more .
I love the Sedona method and I even combine that with Reference Point therapy.for example "Could I allow myself to  release all these feelings back to the original reference point,then say Yes yes yes!

On a higher plane of consciousness all you are doing is loving accepting welcoming and releasing whatever it is into the energy of pure Love so if you do a meditation you can feel into that experience and enjoy a simple way above the world of time and space. 

But on this physical level we use all these different healing techniques to aid our minds in letting go of the problem, use what works well for you , the magic is in you ~ tap into it to use for your freedom from the mind and problems and let it take you into your land of miracles magic and music.



  1. It's good that you've mentioned the combination of healing methods. My personal preference of combination is the Theta Healing with Ho'oponopono because the self-empowerment properties of Theta Healing complements the ease of forgiveness practiced in Ho'oponopono. Limiting not yourself to only one method means that you want growth, and this gives birth to new and better philosophies.

  2. My preferred combination would also be Theta Healing and Ho'oponopono. A mixture of Reiki with those two would also be good.


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