Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beauty Within

With Self Identity thru Ho'oponopono you say ~ I love you and thankyou ~
To the memories I.e. Tapes records old stuff, and let the Divine within you
Erase the tapes and you just let them go.

I am telling a new story now of me and my life like:

My life is now improving , I am finding it easier to feel good each moment ,
I am more aware and awake, I am tuning into my Angels and inner master
More and more, I allow myself all that I want to be , I vibrate to the
Frequency of Love , when I am down I love all that I am feeling and then
Release it each day I wake up feeling so good and grateful for all that I have ,
I reach up and find myself , I radiate love blessings peace all day,
I set the tone for my day sending forth rainbows of hope and love
Wow this is good

Thankyou thankyou thankyou

The beauty of Lake Daylesford in Victoria.

The light on the water
the waterlily
All reflecting
The Glory of God

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Spiritual Art by Erika L Soul and others

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