Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The Angels Say~ Join us in the place that resides deep within you in the stillness, hear and feel our Love embracing you completely ♥ We Love YOU ♥

The Angels Say ~ We love you and only send you loving energy and wish you many Blessings please accept these gifts from us♥

The Angels Say ~ We only Love you and Support you in your Life that is our Purpose so avail yourself of this, Tune in to our Love each moment ♥

The Angels Say ~ We are here with you always never fear, in a moment we will enfold you in our Loving Embrace and gently calm your fears~♥

The Angels Say ~ Connect to your heart and truly listen to its rhythm♥ its beat is the sound of the Universe connecting you to All of Life ♥

The Angels Say ~We surround you now with our wings of Love, feel us come close to you and listen to what we are saying " golden light enters into your being from the higher realms right now" open to this and it will lift you up into our realms.

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