Monday, July 26, 2010

Manifesting our Gifts

It is ok to want or desire something, you can hold on to  this want or you can release this  to God , let Go and let God  create it in the most perfect way for you. You can say ~ I surrender this desire into Gods will and Gods desire for me now.Feel  as if you already have it now , no need or attachment as It is deeply fulfilled. Say this within yourself ~ I don't know how I have this now, I only know I do Now and I am fulfilled. Thankyou~ This is The One Command statement that you can say for anything at all from the Divine state and allow that to be your truth on all levels. Do not resist your Desire . Just Allow it to be here Now. Repeat to yourself  ~I have everything I need as I need it~ And It is So. And It is done.

Wanting says I haven't got IT, it's the inner child saying Give it to me NOW, Where is IT ??? The Empowered Creative Self says I do Have It NOW as all my needs and wants are met within me right NOW. And it is SO !! There is nothing to Need , Hide from or Fear I am Whole and Complete Right NOW and Right HERE. You can sing this over and over again. You are either resisting IT being here Now or Allowing  IT to Be here Now. To BE or not to Be, kay sera sera. You are either pushing IT away or Embracing IT with Love.

Our gifts lie within Us, they come thru Us and are born into the World. We give our inborn gift the Gift of Life as we allow it to come forth from Creation into a physical manifestation. It is God expressing through Us and our DNA blueprint that becomes our Unique Gift, our Individual Self  infused with Gods Essence that is Us expressing Us to the World. Allowing this is the Key and Accepting our Gift of Us then we can Embrace Us and the Gift of Us and Give IT to the World. 

This is my Gift to You the reader of this! This All being Expressed through me from the Divine and Out into the World. May this Bless your Life ! 

from my heart to your heart

I Love You  God Bless You and Thankyou



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