Friday, November 19, 2010

ThetaHealing Downloads *Freedom To Be*

All you need to do to Receive these thetahealing downloads is to Allow them into your cells on every level of your Being and allow all that would block these to be Transformed, and all of this Integrated divinely for YOU, 

Here they are from the Divine to You with Love

* That you know how and what it feels like to be all that you are capable of being;
* That you know on all levels of your Being that You Can Do Anything; 
* That you know and trust the truth of your Being; 
* That you know how to shift and transform any blocks to being all that you desire to Be, do or have; 
* That you know how and what it feels like on all levels to be Abundant;
* To grow and Prosper in all areas of your life ;
* To Love yourself completely just the way you are;
* To be open to receiving and feel worthy of receiving Divine Blessings always;
* To move forward in your life effortlessly and easily flowing with the Divine;
* To Live and Dwell in your Vortex of all you have created from your heart;
* To release and surrender all to God and feel Blessed to serve however you are guided to .

* All of these truths and understandings are Downloaded now into your every cell and all that needs to be released is taken to the Light of God and transformed into pure positive Energy now as you say YES THANKYOU to these and  IT is Done, thankyou and God Bless  . Feel the shift occur now and trust it is Done. Walk tall and strong and Receive with Gratitude and Grace. 

*You can repeat these downloads as often as you like.

SoulErika ❤♥••.♫♪♫•☆¸¸.•*¨*•♫*•.¸

if you wish to leave any comments or reactions below I would be grateful as this will  encourage me to do  further thetahealing downloads here for you thankyou thankyou .

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