Wednesday, January 26, 2011

♥Healing Moments♥ 1)

What are healing moments you may be wondering? They are healing tools and tips I am sharing in posts called Healing Moments  here on my blog for you to hopefully gain benefit from. Each one will be numbered and you can save them and print them as you wish. Each one will be on something different and divinely guided and created in the moment. Here in these healing moments I am sharing what I have learned, my wisdom and the healing tools I love using that greatly assist my healing journey as well as my clients, friends and family.
Much love and healing energy is contained in these healing moments to help you on your life journey, as you are open to receiving this energy it will come in.The healing energy will assist you with what you are reading here about and what comes up in you as memories.

I am sure they will evolve as they are being created in Healing Moments each time, I could call these creative Healing moments! They will include my own and others experiences. Please share yours via the comments here or email me your story connected to this healing moments post and please say if you are happy for me to share your message.I will create a Healing Moments readers comments post from time to time with your feedback and love for others to gain upliftement and will reference which Healing Moments the feedback is referring to by number.

Would you like to join me on this Healing Moments journey? You can subscribe via email or in rss reader on the left side of this blog so you get each one directly. At any time if you want a one on one session we can do a transformational healing session which includes a reading. Bookings are via email or my Website, phone and in person are available as well as email readings.

Todays Healing Moments 1 is on how to tell which way to go, left or right, this way or that way, and what to do next. First if you are unsure take some time to get clear, you can Ask your Angels ~ Spiritual helpers to show you the way. You can request a Most Benevolent Outcome by saying to your Guardian Angel " I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for making the best choice now , thankyou . Once you say this outloud or silently your Guardian Angels will assist you in creating the Most Benevolent Outcome. You can say these for anything , if you want to know more about these go to the highlighted link above text. 

Another way I use is I sing " HU - Mahanta (Highest consciousnesses) - Sugmad (Word for God) - HU, Z (spiritual master) will you show me what to do." You can insert the words you like to use for what you believe in and make this your own or you can use what I say. For learning about the word Hu and to download a free HU 5min recording click here and to get the 20mins full HU mp3recording for $2 click here. Here is another post with the Hu and a real Healing moments story  click here.

It's funny but as I am writing this I am having the experience of being unclear as I am not sure what to write about in this post. Now since I wrote the last sentence I have added additional info all over this post and it has unfolded very wonderfully, no more blankness. I have written it from the end and then the middle and the beginning,its had a life of its own. I am here just allowing it to be created through me. So you can just say I am not sure what to do next and then be open to following your nudges,intuition, feelings without any controlling of the process ! We only need to get ourselves out of the way. Feeling is one way to know which way to go, does one way feel better more clear . First its important to release your stuff in the way by letting go of it and I could share pages on this alone, how to etc. But as each healing moment is created all will be covered in time. I may even add more to this post in the future as I am inspired to.

There are plenty of posts on my blog full of healing tools and wonderful things so feel free to check them out in between my next Healing Moments 2 posting. If you enjoyed this please click on a Reaction word below so I can see that someone has read this and appreciated it as it's encouragement for my Healing Moments sharing, thankyou.

Well until we meet again in this wonderful soup called Life, may you feel Gods love and Grace in your heart and your life, love SoulErika

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  1. Hi Erika

    Thank you so much for posting this blog at this particular time. It has really struck a cord with me.
    It has brought my attention to ask for a benevolent outcome which I am certainly needing in this time of my life.
    Thanks again Erika


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