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Healing Moments 3: Recipes for Healing

I, Erika L Soul work as a transformational Healing facilitator and Angel Channelling Guide , I give readings and healings from my private reading Healing room and also public and private venues. I am a ThetaHealer and Spiritual Counsellor and I work with many wonderful healing methods especially energy healing and Ho'oponopono. I listen to the Angels and give Healing Angel messages . I share on this blog Divine Inspirations for You which is connected to my RainbowHealings website many healing tools and tips and Angelspeaking messages. My life is dedicated to spiritual unfoldment and assisting others to release limitations blocks beliefs holding them back from living their dreams and aspirations. I love to make Healing Recipes from my spiritual toolkit and create Most Benevolent Outcomes for all. I also enjoy creating Spiritual Art and writing Inspirational verse which I  share here from time to time.

This Healing Moment 3, is for checking if you are in the full flow of Abundance or not. First ask yourself what percentage are you allowing in the Abundance right now, see if you get a sense of whether its 25% and higher up to 100% fully allowing in the flow of Abundance into you and your life. If you know how to energy test (muscle test)  then use that for testing your percentage . If you can't get a sense of how much you are allowing in Abundance don't worry, you know if you feel prosperous and abundant and if your life is reflecting abundance and prosperity so just go ahead and do the next section.

Next is to cut the cords with all that is blocking you from being 100% fully allowing in your Abundance of Money energy love etc. So to do this you can ask your Love and Light beings, or whoever you want to address, to cut all these cords for you that are blocking the full flow of Abundance into you and your life and to please heal and transmute all energy into love , then you chant at the end a word like Love , Hu , God or anything til you feel no more energy to chant. You can hold a crystal wand and wave it how you feel guided to while you say this or imagine the cords being cut by the Angels for you.

Love and Light beings  please cut  the cords of All  that is blocking me from  100% fully allowing in my divine supply of  Abundance, Money, Energy, Love .  In the name of the Highest  please heal and transmute all energy into love, thankyou , love love love love love love love love love love love love love

Now check again what percentage you sense you're at now, and keep going til you get to 100%.  If you have another healing tool you wish to use instead then use that . When I did it just before I wrote this post  I used the cut the cords method plus another one at the end, (see next paragraph for it)  Until I was at 100% fully allowing all Abundance into me. And yes you may do this method for clearing your blocks to Abundance anytime you sense you are doing this until one day you just always stay in full allowing mode all the time. You can apply this to other things you feel you are blocking the supply of also, make it your own way and your own recipe , this is mine but not set in concrete .To learn more about cord cutting go to the wonderful Abundance of Light  Alyssa Mary Rose website  

Another great method you can use for clearing on anything is  Nei Gong Hwa Jing as taught by Grandmaster David Harris on Youtube. "Nei Gong Hwa Jing” or “Inner Circle of Mysterious Power” is a very simple technique to clear negative emotions and stress. It can also be applied to physical trauma or spiritual problems. I simply hold my third finger of my right hand with my thumb and forefinger of my left hand and lightly tap as I say : Search for all, Remove all and Clear All, you may repeat this a few times til you feel you are clear and better. You can use any finger to press with your thumb and forefinger. David Harris has another 5 videos for doing this method for physical ailments and problems on Youtube also, plus a method called Yes thoughts or  Yes therapy that is similar to  Nei Gong Hwa Jing but  worded in a simple format for you to follow .Here is a link to reading up on this method and the youtube links for it also at PersonalSuccessTools

I hope you have enjoyed  what I have shared and that this may assist you on your path back to your Divine Self and the All that Is. That is my wish from my heart to yours,

May the Blessings Be
Erika L Soul
Angel Channelling Guide
Soul Energy Healer
Spiritual Counsellor
Community Mediator

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love and Blessings

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