Thursday, March 10, 2011

Healing Moments 5 : Braco healing

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling out of balance and I wasn't doing anything to clear myself or to rest and just be for a while, so I chose to watch some Braco videos on repeat , the 'Meeting Braco 1 & 2 updated' and the Braco Tribute . I hadn't even stopped to release all the stuff from my day and rest I was just OK again from watching Braco. After this I kept a mini screen from Windows Media player going so I could see and hear the Braco videos anytime I was doing anything on the computer and all was well again within me. I had slowed down and had let go of the stuff from my day. A little Miracle ! A Healing Moment!

I could write a story on my day up til Braco and then afterwards relaxing and watching I dream of Jeannie with a cuppa and snack, what a change. The video sure worked its magic into my heart and mind thankyou Braco and all of the Braco helpers worldwide. Many more gifts and blessings came to me also as a result of being restored back to myself again. One was a way of doing ZPoint clearing simply and easily with my own healing version of the protocol I have created and using this in a new way that came in as an inspiration. No need to say all the Zpoint statements and clearings they do which are great but a shortcut that I am now using . As the protocol is Grant Connoly's and I have edited it for including other
healing processes also I am not posting it unless I know this is ok with Grant. However I can share it privately  and what I have created as a process.

Meeting Braco Part 1/2 - updated

Braco is one of the most extraordinary healers of our time. He does not use specific techniques, but with his love and gaze alone he is able to heal people from severe illnesses. Braco does not offer private sessions but gazes at groups of people which can go into the thousands and take no longer than about 5 minutes!  All Braco is asking from people in these sessions, is to focus on his eyes and concentrate on the space 2 fingers below your heart in the middle of the chest.This video helps to focus on Braco's gaze, his eyes, to connect and feel his love and the power of his healing presence.

love and Blessings

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