Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Conversations with Ron

Hello to everyone here , for some time I have thought of sharing some of the great email discourses I have been having with Ron from America for quite a while now, he writes me how he is going and what healing work he is doing and asks me questions and I share with him what I am doing also . Ron is a recipient of Divine Angel Treasures and my blog posts and he is also a member of the Commanding wealth yahoo group who practice the One Command which is a simple way of doing theta healing and manifesting positive changes for yourself and your life.
 So I am sharing this one as a blogpost  and if you enjoy reading this I would love to know thankyou., you can click the Reactions boxes at the end of the post.  There is great healing energy flowing through the words that can assist you right now in your life.
Love and Blessings SoulErika

Thursday 25th August 2011
Hi Erika ,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this with me. I was just thinking about you when I woke up this morning wondering how things are progressing for you and then I received this.  Good way to start my day thank you. All is going well and I am doing lots of practice with my Theta Healing too especially sending people Unconditional Love. I haven't worked with anyone yet and I am re-reading the book too. Tell me please Erika what effects does Unconditional Love for a person when you have Creator send it to them? I have been doing this every morning now since the class. I send it to you and many others I know around the world.
  We had an earthquake the other day which was rather scary since we don't get them here. It was close to a 6 point and we had l
ots of shaking too going on. All is well and there was no damage. You keep up the wonderful work you are doing and I
appreciate everything you share too.
Love and Blessings,
My reply to Ron Friday 26th August 2011

Hi Ron, 
I am happy you liked getting this Ho'oponopono lovers Facebook post I just posted on my blog Divine Inspirations for You. I attempted to do this a while ago as I sent out one to Divine Angel Treasures in my first week of the Ho'oponopono lovers page and I couldn't get the the material from the email to convert into a blogpost to work at all within Blogger and I put much time and effort into it but I gave up on it as it was too lengthy to do. So now 3mths later I just created a new one easily from scratch as I had realised I hadn't been blogging very often as I post a lot of great stuff  on my Facebook pages, so I thought why not just  copy them into a post on my blog and WOW it was quickly done. Afterwards I realised I had succeeded in what I had tried to do 3months ago! So all things get created we attempt to do eventually in maybe a different way when we are clear and ok . Over the last 3 months the ho'oponopono lovers page has grown quickly and there are many pages of posts now and lots of sharing and I am very happy with it as a vehicle for sharing with others anything Ho'oponopono. I have now linked in to some other great Ho'oponopono Facebook pages also that are new and we are forming a good network and making friends.

Right now I am listening to a Jo Dunning healing recording that she did a day ago  and I am receiving the energy coming through her session as I write to you so I hope you get some of this Transformational energy. And now guess what she just mentioned your Earthquake you wrote about I just read ten mins ago so how is that for synchronocity. I am all the way over here in Australia and you're in America and Jo Dunning is talking now and we are connected to what is going on  in each others  part of the world. WE are each part of the problem and part of the solution,  we all have a role to give as much love and service as we can to others around us as best we can and to do all that we do with love .

The word Creator has got a bit misused within ThetaHealing and on the Internet with issues arising for people over the term and its connotations so I prefer to Use All That Is or Divinity or even God, some use Source too, apparently there are over 700 names for God out there. There are being on different spiritual planes that we may mistake for God and are happy for us to believe they are, these are the lower planes below the Soul plane. Thankyou for sending love my way , if you send love through God or a spiritual master to someone this is a good way to do it, you can also  do it from your heart to theirs and just say I love you thankyou God Bless You, I wish you Love, Health and Progress . How much the person receives is how open  and allowing of Love to come in they are and the channel you send it through will see that they receive the right amount for them so as not unbalance them .  So what effect it has is to raise the vibration of everyone and the planet as you send out love , so we all benefit and YOU get filled with love also.

Thinking of the person as happy and perfect and receiving all that they would wish for themselves  is beneficial also . Pure love from the heart comes from God and as you are a vehicle for this Love to come through you and you allow the love to flow thru you  fully this is divine service and IT will do whatever is  Gods will for all around you, you may not consciously do anything at all but God can work through you. I am allowing Jo Dunnings wonderful healing energy to be channeled to you and anyone else who reads this too. I have been wanting to share our wonderful email conversations for a while so I will start with this one, and if I find people have enjoyed our discourse I will share more.

 Do what you feel guided to do Ron and you can't go wrong. Trust all you do is doing good and having a wonderful effect. If we saw all that is the outcome of our thoughts feelings and actions we would mind what we do and say much more. One negative thought about someone can switch off their Energy and over a long period of time can cause illness and problems for them and for ourselves too! That is if the person hasn't protected themselves from others negative thought forms with an Energy Bubble of Love , you can clear yourself of non beneficial thought forms and negative energy daily , just say

" I raise my energy to the highest Divine and Healing level now,
and free myself from all negative energies that inhabit my body
and energy field sending these to the proper plane to free them 
from attachment now !"

Well that's all for now til we chat again,
Thankyou and I love you Soulerika.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Erasing the Tape Method and Ho'oponopono

I love the Hawaiian healing method called Ho'oponopono (Self I dentity thru Ho'oponopono) and whenever I am inspired to I use any other method or tool the Divinity within guides me to. I don't question it as this is my guidance and it always works for me or my client when I listen to divine inner guidance on what to do next.  Some teachers of ho'oponopono say to ride one horse only as then your inner child doesn't get confused . However I also listen to what tool is best to use in the moment for the issue and the person that fits their problem and their state of consciousness. I have been collecting a large spiritual tool kit over the years and I value them all, all are ingredients that make many different recipes as creatively inspired. My spiritual path is Eckankar and it teaches that when we are ready the master appears to bring us closer to God's love and who we really are. I have learnt many spiritual tools in my spiritual studies with Eckankar over the last 14 years and I feel my spiritual teacher i.e. inner master has guided me to specific tools for my spiritual growth like theta healing and ho'oponopono and Zpoint process, which I am very grateful for always receiving wonderful healing techniques that bless me and all those beings I assist.

I first learnt EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) then secondly BSFF - Be Set Free Fast, (these are all under the Thought Field Therapy -TFT umbrella). For a long time I resisted a third method from the same tree of TFT but eventually this cleared and I added Z point to my healing tool kit. Zpoint process by Grant Connoly has a similar goal of getting to zero-clear infinite void, the circle empty of all programs beliefs etc they call it cleaning in Ho'oponopono. Grant Connoly has some wonderful recordings and manuals and much can be learnt for free. There is a free pdf for learning ZPoint available. Grant's Website link: zpointprocess 
I have been practicing the wonderful updated S.I.T.H. Ho'oponopono method since 2007  and in 2008 I got divinely inspired with how I could use this method together with the Erase the Tape method from Zpoint . I have enjoyed using this process many times with my clients in Healing sessions over the last few years and especially for myself and it is a a real Blessing.

The Method

1.Draw a circle either physically or in your minds eye and put the issue you have in there  (or even circle your finger on paper or in the air).

2. Say "10- 0 "silently or out loud , then "I am sorry, Please forgive me , I love you , thankyou " over and over til its feels clear, taking you to zero limits!!!! Clearing & cleaning everything in the circle just like with the Erase the Tape method . 10 to 0 means going from a 10 stress level of your issue to 0 , clear infinite void ,memories zero, dissolved with love. You can also count down in layers from 10 saying the cleaning words for each number til zero. You can make your cue word another cleaning tool also, like Ceeport or Dewdrop and just repeat the one word til you run out of energy to say the cleaning tool.

3. Look at the circle to see to see if there is more to be cleaned to zero , if you sense more or another connected issue keep going with steps 1 and 2 until you know there is nothing left coming up in there or what is in the circle is positive and loving and Divine truth. You will know when this is complete.

4. Trust and allow God/Divinity to do the cleaning of these memories replaying within the subconscious mind and that God knows what memories need cleaning for you and this will occur in the best way and time. Trust that it is done and surrender all to God you have cleaned and released.

It is very handy to use a magnetic flexible whiteboard or any type of whiteboard you have as it saves paper and you can then erase each circles feeling thoughts beliefs etc. You can use paper if you wish and keep doing new circles of your layers until clear.

If you would like a session with me using this method and any other tools I am guided to use you can have a phone skype or in person session with me. You can contact me via my website or leave me a message here and we can arrange your session. 

May the Blessings Be
Erika L Soul
Divine Angel Readings 
Soul Energy Healing 
Professional Mediator
Spiritual Counsellor
Melbourne Australia

A Meditation on Love

  I choose Love now

  I Welcome
Love now

I Celebrate
Love now

Love love love all in me Now

I choose to be the
Love I really am

I choose to be all the
Love I truly Am

I choose to create More
Love in My life

I am always able to hold the space of

I Open to
Love and invite it in to me and my life now

I invite the Spirit of
Love into my life AND my heart

I allow
Love in

I allow Love to be my reality now

I am so very grateful for all the
Love I have in my life now

I choose to be love and create Love

I give thanks to LOVE

I , consciously commit to creating lasting Love in my life

I am great at being Love and accepting Love
Love is who I am and I know this now on all levels of my being now

I have now released all my resistance to Love

I now embrace the Love that always is within me 

I and Love are ONE

Love is me and Love is All 

Love is my life my reason for living 

Love is my purpose my direction 

Love is my Essence

Love melts all blockages within me now

Love Love Love 

I now allow my valve to open fully to the  Love from God which now flows in through my being bringing me all that my heart desires.

I bring Love to all as  Love is who I am. 

I Love all that I resist and want to go and get away from now

I surrender to Love all that is holding me back from Love

I bring Love in to me and Love all that is present within and without 

All of life comes to me with Love Grace Joy and Blessings

All that comes to me is LOVE 

I am always so Loved by All that Is  

I am Blessed with Love

My life is Blessed with Love

I radiate Love to All 

I immerse myself in Love

Love and God are One

Love is my divine essence 

I let Love in and I let if flow to all around me now

I Love myself just the Way I am

I am always loved no matter what 

I give and receive an Abundance of Love every day

My life fills up with LOVE now 

I live and dwell in the home of Love

My home is full of LOVE 

Love now increases tenfold in my life

Love is my joy my passion my reason to get up and do things 

LOVE  is my work

Love is my Inspiration

Love is this inspired writing now!

Love is You reading this

Love is us together as I write this and you reading it 

Love unites our hearts 

Love is our life force our life blood beating within us all

I do all with Love now 

Share Love freely

Love is how I serve Life and God

Serving Life is serving Love

Being Love is how I express my true Self
Without Love we die

With Love we flourish

Love never dies 

We never die 

We are eternal as we are Love

Love love love love love love love all that shows up in your life 
as it's teaching you about the Love that you really are 

Love is the only thing you can keep forever 

Love is the Book Of You

Love is what you came here for

Love is the Essence and blue print for life

Only Love is what heals you 

Only Love is what frees you

Only Love is what will be there at the end of your life

Love is the glue of your life 

Love is what creates peace 

Love in your heart sets you free

Love heals relationships

Love will always be there for you

Find the Love now that is there within  you 
waiting to be freed felt and acknowledged 


Love is free and always in Abundant supply

Love yourself and set yourself free 

Love is being home in yourself 

You are loved more than you can ever know

I love YOU !!!

More Love is coming into you and your life !

* I am  OPEN  to receiving  Love  from anywhere and everywhere* 

* I now  RELEASE all limiting beliefs about how   Love  can come to me * 

* I  CHOOSE to believe that   Love can come to me from anywhere and everywhere.* 

* I  DESERVE to receive     Love   from anywhere and everywhere*
LOVE comes to me now in  Miraculous and  Unexpected ways * 

* I  am  GRATEFUL for the    Love  that comes to me in large amounts from anywhere AND everywhere*

     THE    Love THAT IS  ALL AROUND ME and


A NOTE TO YOU the READER from ƸӜ̵̨̄ƷSoulєrιkαƸӜ̵̨̄Ʒ
Feel free to save this, print it and keep it or share it,  as love is there to be felt received and shared and I give this freely from the Divine in me to you .

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