Monday, September 5, 2011

A Meditation on Love

  I choose Love now

  I Welcome
Love now

I Celebrate
Love now

Love love love all in me Now

I choose to be the
Love I really am

I choose to be all the
Love I truly Am

I choose to create More
Love in My life

I am always able to hold the space of

I Open to
Love and invite it in to me and my life now

I invite the Spirit of
Love into my life AND my heart

I allow
Love in

I allow Love to be my reality now

I am so very grateful for all the
Love I have in my life now

I choose to be love and create Love

I give thanks to LOVE

I , consciously commit to creating lasting Love in my life

I am great at being Love and accepting Love
Love is who I am and I know this now on all levels of my being now

I have now released all my resistance to Love

I now embrace the Love that always is within me 

I and Love are ONE

Love is me and Love is All 

Love is my life my reason for living 

Love is my purpose my direction 

Love is my Essence

Love melts all blockages within me now

Love Love Love 

I now allow my valve to open fully to the  Love from God which now flows in through my being bringing me all that my heart desires.

I bring Love to all as  Love is who I am. 

I Love all that I resist and want to go and get away from now

I surrender to Love all that is holding me back from Love

I bring Love in to me and Love all that is present within and without 

All of life comes to me with Love Grace Joy and Blessings

All that comes to me is LOVE 

I am always so Loved by All that Is  

I am Blessed with Love

My life is Blessed with Love

I radiate Love to All 

I immerse myself in Love

Love and God are One

Love is my divine essence 

I let Love in and I let if flow to all around me now

I Love myself just the Way I am

I am always loved no matter what 

I give and receive an Abundance of Love every day

My life fills up with LOVE now 

I live and dwell in the home of Love

My home is full of LOVE 

Love now increases tenfold in my life

Love is my joy my passion my reason to get up and do things 

LOVE  is my work

Love is my Inspiration

Love is this inspired writing now!

Love is You reading this

Love is us together as I write this and you reading it 

Love unites our hearts 

Love is our life force our life blood beating within us all

I do all with Love now 

Share Love freely

Love is how I serve Life and God

Serving Life is serving Love

Being Love is how I express my true Self
Without Love we die

With Love we flourish

Love never dies 

We never die 

We are eternal as we are Love

Love love love love love love love all that shows up in your life 
as it's teaching you about the Love that you really are 

Love is the only thing you can keep forever 

Love is the Book Of You

Love is what you came here for

Love is the Essence and blue print for life

Only Love is what heals you 

Only Love is what frees you

Only Love is what will be there at the end of your life

Love is the glue of your life 

Love is what creates peace 

Love in your heart sets you free

Love heals relationships

Love will always be there for you

Find the Love now that is there within  you 
waiting to be freed felt and acknowledged 


Love is free and always in Abundant supply

Love yourself and set yourself free 

Love is being home in yourself 

You are loved more than you can ever know

I love YOU !!!

More Love is coming into you and your life !

* I am  OPEN  to receiving  Love  from anywhere and everywhere* 

* I now  RELEASE all limiting beliefs about how   Love  can come to me * 

* I  CHOOSE to believe that   Love can come to me from anywhere and everywhere.* 

* I  DESERVE to receive     Love   from anywhere and everywhere*
LOVE comes to me now in  Miraculous and  Unexpected ways * 

* I  am  GRATEFUL for the    Love  that comes to me in large amounts from anywhere AND everywhere*

     THE    Love THAT IS  ALL AROUND ME and


A NOTE TO YOU the READER from ƸӜ̵̨̄ƷSoulєrιkαƸӜ̵̨̄Ʒ
Feel free to save this, print it and keep it or share it,  as love is there to be felt received and shared and I give this freely from the Divine in me to you .

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