Thursday, October 27, 2011

Expect Great Things

I EXPECT GREAT THINGS TODAY, tomorrow and all this Week ! saying this each day changes your negative mindset or negative expectations allowing the universe to bring you Great Things you hadn't even thought of or Expected, try it and see what great things come your way ....

             TOMORROW AND 

The Angel of Abundance stands with one wing raised and one lowered, bringing down the energy, blessings and harmony of the Universe to the material earthly plane. 
Thus the Secret of Wealth and Abundance is made clear,A Unity of Spirit and Matter made manifest as Life lived in Beauty.

*Erika L Soul*


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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Which healing Modality to use is Best?

How to be clearer  on our ideas of which healing system to use is best and how much they are easy or good vs another modality is the topic I am discussing today . I don't treat any system of healing as my bible , or be all and end all, my spiritual path is my truth and way and all of the healing tools I have in my spiritual toolkit aide and assist me and people I work with in becoming free and happy with themselves and others. Sometimes my mind has an issue with which tool is best and maybe I should only use one but I love them all and I listen to my divine inner guidance which one for what problem will be best suited . To me its like having many ingredients for recipes and you can make many different recipes with different ingredients so I may combine them when I am working as a healing practitioner for myself or another and its always very creative and open when a recipe is made to help an issue.

So use whatever healing system or tools you are happy  with , they are all worthy and great but remember as we grow new healing tools and ways are needed to suit our changing consciousness so don't hang on to one with the mind and attachment and try to be open to new ways of healing and new modalities that come along. Over time I have resisted some great healing tools because my mind had judged it but eventually if it's going to be beneficial for me to learn it and accept it I do as it may be perfect for someone I am helping. Trust your intuition if it's alot of money and time and something inside says you aren't sure about it wait and see and ask for guidance whether it's for you or not from your guides and angels.

Healing is really the job of the divine so we only need to get ourselves out of the way to allow it to assist us , so these tools are helping us to free the mind so the healing can take place. When you become like Braco a Croatian healer is gaze or voice his the conduit for the Divine and you receive the healing silently just opening to it from within. So on another level once we stop resisting and start allowing ourselves to be in harmony with the Divine we start to heal from our issues. Healing tools help us to open up to the Divine and let go of our baggage more easily, unlocking the ties that bind us so tightly and we let the flow of the Divine in .

Friday, October 14, 2011

Success Wealth Harmony Life transformer

I have created this on a whiteboard with markers and then with Photopaint and this is the outcome ! You can put your name in the centre and let it work its magic for you like a mandala connecting you to all thats here in this circle and enriching your life. Create your own with words images and pictures !


Erika L Soul

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ho'oponopono Cleansing Memories Within

New version of Healing Ho'oponopono Images ~ youtube video  

My partner Michael and I have been busy redoing our Ho'oponopono Healing Images video which has now over 15,000 views on youtube and increasing however this is now been made a private listing , so if you have the old link you can still view it but it won't be showing on the public viewing anymore. So after a year of this video on youtube it now has a new birthday and beginning again with a zero view count , it has a new name  'Ho'oponopono Cleansing Memories Within' and a new link . There are beautiful new pictures and great improvements and I love it!!! Posted  here is the new version for the first time. All that's in this new version are ho'oponopono cleaning tools freely available online.

As you watch this video you can focus on any problem, issue, relationship or concern and the healing words, pictures and cleaning tools  will assist you in letting go of the memories that created the problem . Feel the peace of the words and music take you to the clear zero state of freedom, free from being run by past memories and beliefs . So use this video to as an aid to cleaning on problems and please leave a comment if it has helped you have a good outcome.
To visit my website's Ho'oponopono resources page with links to many ho'oponopono websites and info click here to visit page.

To copy and save some of these images check out Photos on my Ho'oponopono Lovers facebook wall , click on this link to visit > Hooponopono-Lovers.
The recording by Al Mc Allister saying the Ho'oponopono phrases, "I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you" can be downloaded from my Rainbow Healings website page  to visit just CLICK HERE 

* Alexander McAllister's  website is > 
Michael Woolcock is the tech creator of this video and has his own Spiritual Art and Poetry website at > 

Aimee Rousseau's Healing paintings infused with ho'oponopono cleaning energy are the painted fruits, flowers and butterflies in the video . From the link below you can read up about each painting and what its clearing on in you and the story behind each one , you can buy these as cards and prints and in a calendar from her wonderful website >

*Erika L Soul*
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love filled Ho'oponopono cleaning

Why do we clean ? How much do we clean? What do you want to achieve by cleaning? What is ho'oponopono cleaning? Do you just want to be feeling differently? All these questions about cleaning is about what you really want and what you actually feel when you are cleaning away on your memories with the ho'oponopono cleaning tools. Most of the time our mind wants to figure these things out and control our lives. But with this practice we are cleaning to be free ~ home in ourselves ~home in ~home in peace~ just plain home and feeling connected and loving ourselves and others. But as we feel we aren't there and we must clean to be free we put another pressure on ourselves, so how about we just ask ourselves " what do I really really want that I feel I don't have ? " What will it take to bring me home to myself right now ? How can I increase my ability to let go and Let God ? "

Once you know your 'theme' what you really want to experience that is governing you and causing you to act in certain ways to try to get your need for your theme met , you will better understand yourself and your motives. So ask 'what is it that I most want to give and receive' until you have found the word that is your theme now and then use that word as your cleaning tool and your magic word to manifest it into your reality. Create more of that for yourself by simply allowing it to be your experience now. If you have a pendulum ask is this word my theme  until you find it or muscle test or ask the universe~Divinity to show you the word that's your theme and confirm it to you. When you get it you will be able to unlock your hidden fears and create more joy for yourself.

Spiritual practice involves putting our attention on what we love and filling ourselves with higher energy so we can really feel the Divine within. Words can help unlock the memories causing a blockage to the Divinity within us that is always available and flowing through us. So as we clean and say "thankyou ~I love you ~Lightswitch ~ Dewdrop" what is going on is we are putting our energy into being free and switching to another level of truth and freedom. The resistance to God is melted away by the love within us.

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