Thursday, January 19, 2012

Being all that We Desire

What could I Choose and Create for ME now ~

That will allow me to BE in the energy of Being and Doing all that I truly Desire now ?

Am I willing to Choose to BE this Energy vibration now?

Definitely ! YES YES YES !

Everything within me that doesn't allow this now ~Times a Godzillion ~Will you destroy and uncreate that now? Right and wrong,Good and Bad, POD and POC All Nine, Short Boys and Beyonds...

As you say all of this and maybe do it daily for a few weeks to clear out all your layers of resistance. This Clearing Statement in pink above is a tool from Access Consciousness  and the questions which I have reworded slightly .

*Erika L Soul*
Divine Angel Readings
Transformational Healings
Melbourne Australia 

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