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♥ The Prosperity Gold Coin ♥

~RAINBOW HEALINGS~ Divine Angel Readings~ Erika L Soul
                                    THE PROSPERITY GOLD COIN 

This real money coin is energetically imprinted with the Spirit of Prosperity, Abundance and Wealth. It is a Money Magnet designed to attract Money, lucky opportunities, financial blessings,Work, and more into your life. It is a Money Miracles Manifestor ! It is drawing in the energy of Abundance, increasing the flow of abundance and widening the amount you are allowing in. It helps to release your resistance to being financially well off and transmutes all old mental and emotional blocks to your success, prosperity, money and happiness.The energy of this coin will attune you to money and work with you as a Money Attractor , within it are many healing processes and blessings . It has a powerful thought form for clearing Money issues and attracting the right work and income for you. You can place it on your third eye to really activate its healing properties. Hold it often, keep it close with you in your pocket and touch it to feel the coins energy as this is increasing its effectiveness for you.
It is meant to be held and felt as this is its way of connecting with you and connecting you to your abundance. It is your Money buddy and is helping you to feel rich and wealthy. 

Angels of Abundance and Prosperity are attuned to it to assist you financially also. The energy of this coin is set high to help raise your energy up to the highest and best level for you. Within it is a Vortex of Prosperity which will join with your energy field and you will find it easier to think and feel prosperous. It will continue to work with you as long as it needs to if you pass it on to someone else it will bring its blessings to them and you will lose nothing but only gain from your gift of giving.

Much more is within this coin than I can say here , it is akin to a Golden Spiritual Coin to help you to become all that you truly are and be the wealth that you really are. It restoreth you to yourself and the Divinity within . False illusions drop away as you vibrate to the Universal Energy more and more and you become a Magnet for all your Good. So hold the coin when you feel any lack thoughts or fear and worry about money and allow the coin to clear this for you and bring you into the energy and vibration of Plenty and Joy, Blessings and Money Miracles .The only requirement for all of this is your ALLOWING and Willingness for all of this to become true for you and to create Financial miracles in your life. If you cannot be open to allowing all of this to connect to you and assist you via this coin and/or you can’t believe in this coins healing properties then please don't join this event as it would be non beneficial for you.Best to leave the mind out of this as it may not comprehend how this can be real, you only need an open heart and mind and allowingness.
The value of this The Prosperity Blessings Coin is beyond money and enriches you on all levels of your being.

If you wish to have your own Prosperity Gold Coin then visit this page


     Divine Angel Readings 
 with Soul Energy Healing

Erika L  Soul

Friday, February 24, 2012

Change your Money Reality now !

Feel free to copy share and do with these statements what works for you as they are a gift of Love from me to you and thankyou for any comments you leave of how you felt about them and what you would like to share.Great to say or read some of these every day before you begin your day or whenever you think of them.Even print and post them where you can see them too. Some of these statements are from  Access Consciousness and I have edited them also. Others are ones I have gathered over time that are my favourite, enjoythem and may they prosper you well, 
Much love SoulErika.

~Prosperity Affirmations ~
  ♪♫•.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥ •´¯`•.¸¸.•♪♫♪•.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥ 

I am a Divine Being  worthy of Wealth and Abundance
I choose to allow myself to be Wealthy Healthy and Abundant
I am Wealth and this is my true divine nature 
Financial wellbeing flows from me as I am connected with my stream of Wellbeing that continously flows to me and through me. 
I allow my valve to stay open to my Wellbeing on all levels.
IF I disconnect from my Stream of Wellbeing by experiencing a fearful or negative thought, belief or reaction, I can always reconnect again by remembering that ONLY LOVE IS REAL and I am always in truth Connected in this Stream of Wellbeing from Source !
All that I desire I now join with vibrationally and I choose to release all separation and resistance I have to being in harmony with all that I desire to Be, Do and Have.
All of me now joins with the energy and vibration with all that I have ever asked for that is  in my Energy Vortex 
I love Money and money loves me we have a great relationship !
Anything limiting me or my finances I now Zap with Ten Thousand bolts of lightning and I am free to enjoy total freedom and my true state of wealth  .                 
I move with the energy of the Universe and cocreate all my dreams and aspirations weaving them into the fabric of my life. 
Money and I are great partners and I lovingly take care of my money and it rewards me ten thousand fold.
I love money, I use it wisely constructively and judiciously, I release it with Joy and it returns to me a thousand fold.
What if Creating Money was easy joyful and fun ? 
What if your income is constantly increasing daily? 
How does your Money and Income get any better than this ?
Everything that has been my relationship with Money until now I destroy and uncreate it , Times a Godzillion, Right Wrong Good Bad POD POC All nine Shorts Boys Beyonds -Access Consciousness Clearing Statement.
I now create a new relationship with Money a happy healthy loving Relationship and we have a great partnership!

What if I now switch to a New Money Mindset ! What if I switch off all my old money paradigms and they cease to exist ! What if this is so for me right now!
What if Money flows to me from anywhere anyone anytime freely and wonderfully?             

Thankyou God for all the Financial Blessings  I have and for all the Financial Blesssings that I am now receiving thankyou and thankyou God for all the financial blessings I can give now thankyou
What  Joyful Possibility can I create with Money today?
What Joyful Most Benevolent Outcomes can I create and generate today with Money?           
If I had all the money to do anything with today I would love to do, what or whom would I choose to play with, create and do today?
What joyful energy, consciousness,or thing can I choose to be, do or have in my life today with the money I have available right now?"

My Income is Constantly Increasing !

Every day in Every Way My Income~My finances~My Work is getting better better and better ! 

How much MONEY could I now allow myself to have and generate in my Life living reality?

What if I shift my level of Prosperity to a new higher level right now ?
What if I do allow my reality around Money  to be different and a reality that really works for me ?

Imagine a shower of Golden Prosperity full of Money, Blessings. Love, Joy  is showering upon you now and into the future , filling you completely and your life and your bank accounts and finances and home with this energy and feel it soak in and you are now swimming in an Ocean of Abundance.                  

I don't know how all of this is SO now, and I am living and dwelling in Prosperity Consciousness I only know it is SO NOW and I AM happy and fulfilled and Prosperous,thankyou
 I allow Money to Flow in and out of My Life. 
I love Money for what it can allow me to do.
I save MONEY well and my subconscious works to add to my Abundance.           
 I give Money to others with Love and Freedom.
I Bless my money with Love AND Release it with JOY and it returns to me a thousand fold ! I love and Enjoy MY MONEY !
Decide to Be Unstoppable! Decide you are IMPORTANT VALUABLE you have a purpose and LIVE the LIFE of your DREAMS*
EXPECT to HAVE Lots of MONEY! Expect Great Things today tomorrow and all this week ! If you even think a thought of Lack about money SWITCH to feeling LOTS of MONEY is on its way to YOU NOW!~I turn the LIGHTSWITCH on my MONEY.                           

*Give THANKS for ALL the MONEY you have now ! *
*Open your heart to receiving from the UNIVERSE right NOW !
*I INVITE IN the Spirit of PROSPERITY with love and gratitude*
*I raise the Level of Prosperity in me , my family, my home and my life* 
                              ~I ONLY EXPECT THE BEST FOR ME NOW!~
 SWITCH to an ABUNDANCE mindset. If you even think a thought of Lack about money SWITCH to feeling LOTS of MONEY is on its way to YOU NOW!~
 I turn the LIGHTSWITCH on my MONEY. FOLLOW your intuition & feelings as your Angels guide you now in receiving Money~ Miracles~ Blessings~ Love in Abundance! 
I BELIEVE that in less than 30 days I will not only Greatly Improve MY current Financial position I will even Double and Triple MY INCOME and I will now develop both the ATTITUDE and the SKILLS I'll need to reach the Level of Prosperity that I want for the rest of my LIFE ! 
AS I understand that my MONEY is my very own Natural Energy Yield and that I am MONEY and its substance is part of me as pure Divine Energy as I increase my energy levels and vibrate higher and higher inviting in the Spirit of Prosperity with thanks daily I will naturally feel the flow of Money at work in my life giving gratitude and love for all I receive .

I manifest Prosperity Everyday , I am Wealthy in so many Ways ! 
What can I be and do today, that will create and  generate  millions of dollars now and in the future?!
What energy, space and consciousness can I be that will generate millions of dollars for me to receive now, and in the future?!
If you wish to give permission for all of these statements to be a download for you so that you know and live from these fully and all that would prevent these statements being true for you is instantly transformed simply say Yes outloud to this theta healing download for you right now....Yes Thankyou!

Guardian Angel " I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for all of these statements for me now , and for easily and joyfully generating a Most Benovolent Income now from now on,thankyou"


P.S. more will continually be added over time. Please leave a comment or a tick of appreciation if you have enjoyed or appreciated these statements, thankyou  SoulErika

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