Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dowsing Water

All those  into Dowsing ie using a pendulum rod or bobber etc to test and transform energy , this is my little experiment I got up to yesterday. I usually put my bottles out in the sun in blue glass bottles with plastic lids to make Blue Solar Water which is a ho'oponopono cleansing tool and as there has been rain rain and more rain here in Melbourne with some sunny patches I decided to get some more water purified.  I decided to do the Raymon Grace Energise your Water protocol myself in the past I have only used his video or him on a show doing it for your water. So I realised in my manual of his 'Techniques that work for Me' I have the process to do it step by step  but I had never gone thru it for some reason and done it . So I got our kettle full of water and blue solar water bottles filled with tap water and my own bottle of water I drink from full of Blue solar water and a jug just of tap water . Then I went thru the testing of the water and after I finnished this I realised that I was testing all of the water containers together and that only the jug of tap water hadn't been touched by blue solar water .

So then I had to restart and write down the new findings and lo and behold I got different readings. Even the blue solar water bottles with only tap water in them gave a different reading as they had the energy of the bottle that has been used to blue solarise the water for a long time. Interesting !
So what I found was this , normal tap water had negative emotions as a level of 20% out of 100% , The Spirit of Water was only at 60%, the Energy was 12,000 using the scale you use for the your bodies energy and vibration where 30,000 is excellent from Raymon Grace, negative memories in the tap water was 30% out of !00%, life force was 50%, level of love was 60%, negative resistance was 60%, the level of biochemicals and any pollutants of any kind was 35% , negative thought forms was 40% , I found no negative entities , curses or parasites in the tap water at all.

But all of these gave a different level as in higher than the tap water in the blue solar water bottles .So then I went through doing the dowsing to change all of this I had found and I raised the energy levels and life force , I also added Joey Korns blessing for dowsing , and invited in the Spirit of Water and Prosperity and more , I also dowsed into the water  the Blue Solar water prayer which cleans up heaps of memories and also made the water as good as if it had been in the sun for an hour in a blue bottle so now its Blue Solar water also. I added into it all that we need in the way of supplement minerals herbs vitamins etc and did even more I can't recall right now .
So at first  I tested the readings and all the negative energies are O and clear completely, the energy of the water was 37,000 from the manual list of dowsing and then after I had done alot of additional dowsing I mentioned here  other than the list in the manual the water in the blue solar water tested up  as 50,000 and the jug of tap water was also 45,000 .

 So this water is special Divine water now and all the  water that it touches it transforms as well int the same vibration. I was very pleased with the results and discovering what was in the water out of the tap was very enlightening. So then I think well what if I now put it on my Sacred Geometry posters of Cory Herters designs which are very powerful and healing , so I leave them overnite and this morning the blue solar water bottles are 59,000 and the jug of tap water was 54,000, this is the level of energy the water is vibrating at now . So it even went higher . I reckon I could sell this water ! I want to make this water last so I will add a few drops to tap water containers also . So if you don't know how to do any of this just use your intention as Raymon Grace says and just Bless your water for what you want it to be like and do for you , or get his manual its only $13 on his website or buy the video that he made called Energise your Water and he does it for you !!! 

There are many ways to charge up water and transform the energy into something more suitable for your health just do the one you love the most . Michael and I talked about this and we reckon a Mental Water filter on our house would be great but we want to get Raymons video for some guidance how to do this yes I know we can do it with intent and MBO's I just like to watch it and do it that way first . Oh yes and after I shared all of these finding with my partner Michael Woolcock he comes up with maybe you could do all of that with one command to dowse all the rest of our water we have but I dowsed on that and got no and what I figure is that after I have been doing this for a period of time over and over I will then go to a shortcut Macro in one process , maybe its just some beliefs to change but now I will practice walking first and then giant leaps later !!! 

P.S. to learn how to make Blue Solar Water and what it does here is the link for it >

Our Blue Solar Water bottles getting the Sun and my sons dog Max in the midst of them !

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  1. thank you so much for this article! I've been amping up my conscious use of water so to speak


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