Thursday, May 3, 2012


Would you be Willing to Know that you have the CAPACITY to change ANYTHING ? and to Know you have always known that ? 

Would you be WILLING to start using that CAPACITY to your Advantage NOW?

(both these Questions are from Dr. Dain Heer, Access Consciousness)

So call all your POWER you have given away now and let it be purified and OWN your POWER as yours , your God Given Power to create and Generate anything at all . 

You can simply say " I Call MY POWER Back to ME NOW !" and if you don't feel a shift and change in how you feel and think then keep repeating til it's all back within you as it's your Energy you allowed to go to someone else or gave to something outside of yourself, you may want to ask to have it cleansed also !!!! When it's all back within you , you will know as your state of being will feel different and you will feel you are BACK !

So as you have said YES know that this AWARENESS OF YOUR POWER and True Abilities is now Reactivated within you and you have opened the door to Being the Powerful Being you truly are and have been Always !!!!!! 

" I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that all that needs to be released , resolved and dissolved into Divine Love now for all of this to be fully realised within me is and that I am NOW in the Energy of my own Power of Co-Creating and changing ANYTHING I choose NOW thankyou " and IT IS DONE ...


Erika L Soul

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