Friday, July 13, 2012

Daily ★DIVINE ANGEL★ Guidance:

Are you wondering and waiting for your life to show up and when ??? 
Are you sick of waiting for something great ? 
Well maybe its time to take A Quantum Leap into the Void , where all things are possible...

★An Access Consciousness statement to say often is When, Where and How is my LIFE going to show up ?
This can open your consciousness to allowing your Great Life to show up . If however you go I don't know what to do or what I am meant to be doing that is just creating this for you as an experience .
So don't buy into the energy of not having the Life you desire !!! 
Ask your LIFE to show up and it will , it is simply waiting for you to SHOW UP for IT NOW!
When, Where and How IS my LIFE going to show up ?

★Ask your Angels to help you disperse all resistance fear doubt about having the LIFE you do want to LIVE and then engage yourself in HAVING the LIFE you do want !!!! Let go of fear pain struggle and disease and embrace LOVE and LIFE fully and joyfully !!!! 

An MBO for this is Guardian Angel, " I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for releasing all my Resistance to living the LIFE I truly want to Live and for now Living the Life that is fulfilling and for my being willing to show up for IT NOW , thankyou "

What to do next?, What is my next step ??? 

HU HU HU HU HU , chant this word and then contemplate spiritually and await the answer which may come in surprising ways!

Thank God for all the Blessings you have now and are receiving Daily

★Invite in the Spirit of LOVE MONEY JOY FUN and any other spirit or Angel you like and give thanks to them daily !!! 

★Love and Blessings ★Erika L Soul★

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

❀Manifest a Magnificent Miracle❀


Manifesting Magnificent Miracles

This is a Healing Reading Transformational session designed to bring in your desire of what you want to have do or be into manifestation. During the session we will clear  the unwanted energy, thoughts and beliefs holding you back from your desire until it is now manifesting in your reality. We use a variety of healing methods and manifesting techniques to do this . Learn how to live and dwell in your Vortex. Become a powerful manifestor of all that you desire to have do or be. Align with the Energy that creates Universes. At the end of the session we do a reading to confirm your future manifestation. During the session divine guidance is used to see into the issues and the causes of the blocks so as to release them from you.

Let go of all limitations and illusions you have and be set free fast. Learn how to let go and let the divine work through you. Be all that you can dream . SoulErika will assist you in this powerful transformation. Learn manifesting techniques simply and easily and use them in your life to cocreate miracles. Watch as your life becomes the Magnificent life you always desired and you become the Masterful Magnificent You that you really are. Even if your thing is something you are experiencing you do not want anymore and you want it to change then we do the reading and clearing on all that is going on for you with this till we see in the future you are creating what you do want now !

You can choose anything for your session as your desire or wish to have or something you want to  be different ; your health , work, finances, lovelife, a problem , happiness, healing something , any goal or intention, or a problem you want resolved now !

You can simply email SoulErika to book in your session !!

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