Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is just a Choice !!!
  What would be the worst thing about being absolutely happy all the time? Bring up that reality and look at it and see what would be the worst thing about this ??? So do you find one thing ??? And if you were that happy would you even care about the worst thing happening ? Only the mind saying no this is not possible you can only be happy when we have this, do that, go here, have enough, am good enough, forgive us and others, all conditions on being happy !!! But what if it is a choice to choose this and be that happy all the time? What is stopping you ? The bills, work, family, your partner, your lack of something, God ???? Are they really stopping you or is something else ? 
What if you try it for a day, decide no matter what you will be deliriously and delightfully happy.
Kids are and when they get unhappy it is only til the wind changes and they go forgetting about the thing that they let stop their unhappiness. Maybe being like kids, happy for no reason whatsoever , just happy because it is your natural state is what we can choose for ourselves now.

What if all your unhappiness was an illusion, not real and made up but you bought it as serious and a problem and your mind says you better fix it or else something bad will happen..So is it a fear of a bad thing happening sometime someway somehow someplace that is controlling your willingness to be your true happy self ??? What if you took your power back and said STUFF ALL THAT NONSENSE !!! I am going to be my happy SELF and nothing or no one can stop me . And if they try I will see this as just an attempt to make me give up being happy and I choose to stay happy whether it pleases them or not as my being unhappy just is not what I choose anymore ..... I don't need to be unhappy to fit in with others and not make them unhappy by my choosing to be happy, I can show them that being HAPPY is possible and a choice !~ I love being happy and my happiness serves the whole world !!!!
Sing chant hum the word HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY over and over each day bringing happy energy up !!!! How happy can you allow yourself to BE Now ??? Alot or a little ? What if you could Allow yourself to be happier and happier and happier ? What if that is a possibility for you and your life right now ??? Could you, would you allow that now ? Yes, good you have now joined the HAPPY CLUB and yes there are some people in it already and it is growing! So let's start our own Happy Club here and now, are you joining us ??? It is a worldwide Secret movement sweeping the world in happiness waves !! Watch out it may get you too !!!

Happiness Consultant at Rainbow Healings

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