Monday, November 26, 2012

Just a little story from Erika L Soul .....

Just a little story from Erika L Soul .....

Last week I ventured into the city of Melbourne by train a little worse for wear as I had been unwell but wanted to keep the commitment I had with a job I was booked in for that morning so off I went with my SRC4U program going and Braco dvd's playing for my Braco Gazing Board and I got thru the day quite good enough... After going to the Discount Health Shop for some get well remedies for me I was walking back to Flinders St Station along Elisabeth St and noticed a sign hanging and a guy handing out leaflets and my curiosity got the better of me and even though still not feeling too well and all,  I went up two flights of stairs to check out a vegetarian eatery up there. It was called Om Vegetarian and I had never seen it before and I thought I knew them all in the city having eaten at Gopals a hare Krishna restaurant for many years in the city.. I got my food and they made it vegan as well for me for $6 and sat down at table and looked at this place where many people were coming into get their lunch meal and there were many tables to sit at and most were full.. I got two vegetarian curries and rice and they offered you free indian bread with your meal and at an all you can eat deal for $6 this was excellent...

I had not planned on this outing at all for lunch as I had brought some food with me but this was a nice respite and a discovery...After getting up very early and not much sleep  I was ready for this treat..Then I did what all good dowsers would do I checked the energy of the place. This place is run by a spiritual faith group  and a picture of an Indian type swami was on the wall blessing the place and many mandalas were on the walls and there was a good atmosphere. I didn't mind all this as it feels good to eat in a place that has spiritual values ! What I discovered was quite amazing to me, I was probably sitting in one of the few places in town where I could really chill out and have a break from the energy outside !! The energy level was very high way above Raymon Grace's  60,000 and the level of Love was 100% and there was no negative Energy at all, and the place  tested as 100% CLEAR !!

 I was very astonished having dowsed many public buildings when I am out and I get very busy dowsing to see what difference I can make .. So with all their spiritual practice and givingness this place is a little holiday from negativity while you eat your lunch which would also be blessed with the good energy also !!! Wonders never cease !

I was grateful for this Blessing in my day and caught my train home in good spirits...

Om Vegetarian Level 1, 28 Elisabeth St Melbourne Victoria.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pot of Gold

Over the rainbow lies a pot of Gold waiting for you however if you don't travel over the rainbow you cannot find it..So ride that Rainbow Of Colours, go thru the Mist and on the other side is much that will delight and enliven you ..

The Pot Of Gold is the Golden Treasure that is the real lasting wealth and only this will ever sustain you.. So chase rainbows , catch the butterflies, dance in the wind , soar above the clouds and connect with all of LIFE and see where it takes you, maybe over the rainbow to the most highest place that dwells deep within you that only you can discover if you will but try !!! 
I am always with you and you are never really alone with love Love LOVE, as this is what sustains all of LIFE simply LOVE, so be the LoVe that is really you, give Love and see what happens when you are the Energy Of Love, which seeks nothing, hopes for nothing and has everything.

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