Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Healing Journal

Overnite I put on my headphones The Secret Brain Omega level brainwave entrainment audios, I hadn't listened to them in a long while and I had found them excellent but had stopped..these are free and each month you can download a new level..You are only meant to listen to them in a certain order and program and I had stopped when I had to try and follow this..So I decided to listen to them how I used to just at the frequency and way I liked to ..In the morning I had quite a few interesting dream experiences in the inner planes...Going to sleep I had read my spiritual discourse and had decided to read that out of monthly order too just to break out of what I perceived as the only way you are meant to read the book...So I was on a bit of a bend the rules and follow my own inner drummer..just to see if I could and get past any resistance to doing these activities...

In the morning I slept in and woke up at the time I had Braco Livestreaming sessions booked so up I jumped to do 2 back to back Gazing sessions with Braco...I held up my Braco Board with all the photos and peoples names I had on it..I found myself trying to focus on just receiving the healing Gaze but my mind would bring up any issues I felt were a problem for me to deal with so I would surrender them up too !!! Again I felt all the love and connection with the live audience sharing their Braco experiences!! My son walked into the kitchen and I felt a bit conscious of what he was thinking of me watching the Braco video presentations going on...mad Mum probably and she believes that stuff... 
After Braco it was try to do things before a wonderful Jo Dunning and Debra Cummings webinar would be on at noon with a special hour of transformational healing. I made it just in time and did many many healing processes on many things like Grief and Loss and Self Esteem and Money, it isn't very often now that Jo Dunning does these sessions and this was a special free gift..Many people had submitted their healing requests to Jo thru the event page and she found a way to assist all with these !! I was very happy and grateful for this session and focused on any areas of concern for me..

After this I was busy online and writing a great post for my Soul Energy Healing group on the Energy of our group and David Hawkins Map of Consciousness..I googled a map and found a slideshow and then got inspired to dowse a few well known healers and other things for their levels of consciousness..This was very interesting and opened me up to checking the energy levels of certain situations I had experienced recently, one in particular measured in at 40 and had taken me a while to get free of so at 40 there wasn't much truth in what was said !!! Above 200 is the level of courage and above negative states.

I facilitated a Brain Balance Healing session for those signed up for it in my facebook Soul Energy healing group after testing the overall group level of the name list was below 70% and afterwards it was 100%...  After this I was logged in online for doing readings for the company I work for.....
Later I managed to get the vacuuming done which had been due for days and I had been dropping loud hints it needed doing and hoping my son would do it but he was not interested and busy..
I mopped all the floors and enjoyed the clean kitchen floor ...Next the shower recess got a really good scrub and the bathroom more cleaning !!!OH how I would love a cleaning lady to come and work her magic every week !! I request an MBO for this !!!

My husband and son were in and out of the house today at different times and somehow each day  I play mother wife maid cook and Angel Intuitive Healer Reader and change my hat and role many times over...By dinner time I headed for my bedroom to have some time out however 5mins later I got a phone reading and did that on the bed and we had a good reading session...Then it was dinner time and hubee calls me to come as he has made dinner and I give up on time alone reading and contemplating for a while...After dinner we had a big discussion re some family situations that are occuring that we will be involved in and I realised the session with Jo Dunning was working away clearing on this too...So now here I am writing this journal as I have had the idea many many times to journal some of my healing experiences and haven't ever got me to do it before !!! I had to stop writing a minute ago and do a reading for someone who had lost a son and wanted to have contact with him again I was glad of the healing process Jo D did with grief and loss today knowing the energy is working away in me on this now !!!! All in all a pretty good day and evening at is now 9pm, and I have logged off from the line now !!
I hope something here has been helpful for you and I get better at writing this healers diary !!




Sunday, February 24, 2013

Clearing Negative Energies and Healing your Brain


Guardian Angelི♥ྀI request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a complete Energy Clearing for me and my home, of all negative thoughts and energies, negative emotions, clearing all I have taken on that isn't mine, clearing any lower vibrations, clearing  all negative entities, all disharmony, clearing all non beneficial frequencies, clearing all fear anger and judgement, transmuting all into freedom love and joy, so that I am 100% Clear and in the highest vibration of Love~Peace~Clarity~Truth, fully attuned to the Highest state of Consciousness, my heart open to Love fully and enveloped in an Energy Shield Bubble of Love~ Grace~ Blessings and Light protecting me night and day continually, so that I am in Oneness and Union with the Divine embracing all with Love, .ི♥ྀ thankyou thankyou thankyou...ི♥ྀ
The other day while on an interstate train journey I checked myself for my brain being FULLY balanced, my brain fully hydrated and getting all oxygen, blood flow balance, brain chemicals, hormones, brain wave frequency, brain hemispheres balanced, brain functioning, ill effects of trauma and stress from any negative thought or emotion on my brain etc, blood sugar levels and more.. And then I did the Soul Energy Healing on all of this until my brain tested 100% which it did and I was very grateful and feeling better. Afterwards I checked my husband sitting next to me and his brain was 100% on everything I did also. I then asked what was he before I started and it was 70% balanced in his brain. I realised once again what we do for ourselves affects those close to us whom we are energetically linked to and of course everyone else too to some degree !! You know it is done because of how much clearer and better you immediately feel !!
Now for any of this you can say a Most Benevolent Outcome , or dowse this with a pendulum or anything you can use as a pendulum, or theta heal it, or One Command it, or simply ask that it be done for you or use Access Consciousness clearing to clear anything causing brain dysfunction!!!! So here is a worded MBO for this Brain Balance Healing....
Guardian Angel, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a Brain Balance Healing for my physical and etheric brain to be in total balance and harmony, 100% overall brain health, all on this list done that is for my best and highest good right now and continue to keep my brain in this balanced harmonious state with 100% brain functioning for the next 24 hours for as long as possible for me now thankyou,

*Balance my Brain totally ,
*Hydrate the cells in my brain fully
*Oxygenate the cells in my Brain fully
*Balance the Blood flow to my brain 100%,
*Balance all Brain chemicals levels,
*Balance my hormones,
*Put my brain on its ideal brain wave frequencies & maintain it at the best brainwave frequencies for me in each moment over the next 24 hours and longer ,
*Balance both my Brain hemispheres,
*Whole brain integrated,
*Improve my Brain functioning to 100%,
*Neutralise All ill effects of trauma and stress from any negative thought or emotion or experience on my Brain,
*Make All electrical activity in my brain in perfect harmony and flow,
*Balance my Blood sugar levels in my body and brain,
*Heal any and all Negative charges on all negative thoughts emotions memories in each cell in my physical and etheric brain.
*Neutralise any and all Negative thoughts in my conscious and subconscious mind ,
*Heal ALL stress and trauma in every cell of my physical and etheric brain,
*Create a calm clear happy bright positive Brain,
*Improve my recall, memory and organisational abilities,
*Reboot, repattern my brain and keep it clear and balanced.
*My mind and my brain now in perfect and divine order
*Level of love in my brain at optimum levels
*Integrated Brain Activation

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