Friday, May 31, 2013

Ho'oponopono & Thy Will be Done....

This Ho'oponopono Cleaning spiritual practice is one that requires you to put in the effort to achieve the state of peace and love that can be the result of doing the ho'oponopono cleaning. You don't get it by saying I must get this outcome I want and need, only by cleaning and letting Go and letting God do what God wills. So we are all children of the Divine who can become aware that there is a loving parent (God) holding us at all times and that we can learn how to let go and trust that we are being held. If you don't like the God word just substitute the Divine or any other word you like.

The anxiety we feel is just the memories replaying causing us to whimper and cry and feel scared. If we just quiet ourselves with the cleaning phrases til we feel at peace then we can hear the loving voice of God telling us all is well and all is ok. If we can let go and trust God is there in the silence and is always waiting for us to awaken to this truth. If ho'oponopono isn't your cup of tea then sing or chant any word you  hold in high esteem or that is sacred to you, as there are many highly charged words and holy words that are very powerful and will do the same as a ho'oponopono cleaning word or tool. A default word is LOVE ! 

I love you dear memories that displace my awareness of God and the truth, thank you, I am free, I am home, I remember who I am. I can be at peace and trust that everything will work out perfectly according to the Divine's will, not my will, but Thy will be done. I surrender my desire into Gods will and God's desire.

The cleaning is important for without it we are stuck in the movie of the illusion that we have created with false data . So we can learn how to love and accept that all that is happening is only for our good and our benefit. As we say " May The Blessings Be" over and over this is a way of letting Go and Letting God do what is Gods will in any situation. So when you don't know how to help someone or a situation saying May the Blessings Be as a way of releasing the situation to God. Even someone in a bad state of mind or body or you need protection you can say " May The Blessings Be" or Baraka Bashad is the equivalent also.

Love and Blessings .....Soulerika.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Divine Ho'oponopono Cleaning Tool~ DEWDROP

You can use the Ho'oponopono cleaning tool Dewdrop for anything you are feeling whether
 it is anger fear or upset or on anything going on for you.

Think the word Dewdrop as you see others in distress. It's use is without limits.

Say or think dewdrop in each moment.

I received on the inner as an inspiration that "Dewdrop is the sweet nectar of God"

Dewdrop works on everything especially our fears and emotional issues you can simply tap with a pencil with the eraser end on any item, a document, paperwork, files, even a photo of someone or yourself as a child or your child even if they are grown up, saying DEWDROP DEWDROP DEWDROP.

You can write the name of a person or issue you want to clean on and tap with the eraser end of a pencil saying Dewdrop repeatedly whenever you think of it bothering you until there is no more issue you have with it. You can write 3 words down each representing an issue or person or problem for you and simply tap with a pencil on them saying Dewdrop and this is cleaning on these memories and just keep coming back and tapping on the three words when you feel or think of them and feel any discomfort .  

And you can say Pencil as a cleaning tool also. AS you say dewdrop holding the pencil, the pencil becomes a divine cleaning tool..

Contemplate on the word and breathe in the energy of Dewdrop into your being and experience the cleaning energy of it and receive your own inspiration of what it is! 

This information is gathered from all that I have read and heard about the Cleaning tool Dewdrop !

Erika L Soul ~ Rainbow Healings

Dewdrop~Dewdrop~Dewdrop~ Dewdrop~Dewdrop~Dewdrop~Dewdrop~Dewdrop~ Dewdrop ~Dewdrop .•*¨`*♫♫♫.•*¨`*•.¸♥☼♥☼♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•.♫♫♫

IF you are on facebook I have a Ho'oponopono Lovers facebook page with pages of cleaning posts, information and links and some Notes too , you are welcome to join this or my Ho'oponopono Lovers Cleaning Room Group where we clean together and the whole groups room page is infused with cleaning energies as well as the Page too. And I have a " A Big Ho'oponopono Cleaning Event and monthly Draw" you can join for the next few months also. So all are welcome if you are on facebook !!!

my Website ho'oponopono resources page full of links to sites on ho'oponopono

thankyou thankyou thankyou 
Erika L Soul


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Inspiring Ho'oponopono Cleaning Story

This is a cleaning story I received from Mardi, to inspire you with your cleaning and to share her joy of this experience , Love SoulErika ...

Hi Erika
I am a client of Kelly's. I just wanted to tell you that I have been having a really tough time with my boss lately and it had gotten to a point where there was nothing positive about the relationship. I was feeling so drained and weak and just beaten. Then I talked to Kelly.
She told me to do the mantra :

"I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you."

Last night I did it on my boss 20 times. And today he was nice to me - I had a great day at work. But better still when I woke up this morning I actually felt bouncy, I felt clear headed, I felt focussed and I felt confident again. My day went brilliantly. I did all my reports and even got some of tomorrows work done too.

My boss was pleasant and we even had a joke.

The mantra worked - I dont know how but it worked on me as well as him.



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