Saturday, May 25, 2013

Divine Ho'oponopono Cleaning Tool~ DEWDROP

You can use the Ho'oponopono cleaning tool Dewdrop for anything you are feeling whether
 it is anger fear or upset or on anything going on for you.

Think the word Dewdrop as you see others in distress. It's use is without limits.

Say or think dewdrop in each moment.

I received on the inner as an inspiration that "Dewdrop is the sweet nectar of God"

Dewdrop works on everything especially our fears and emotional issues you can simply tap with a pencil with the eraser end on any item, a document, paperwork, files, even a photo of someone or yourself as a child or your child even if they are grown up, saying DEWDROP DEWDROP DEWDROP.

You can write the name of a person or issue you want to clean on and tap with the eraser end of a pencil saying Dewdrop repeatedly whenever you think of it bothering you until there is no more issue you have with it. You can write 3 words down each representing an issue or person or problem for you and simply tap with a pencil on them saying Dewdrop and this is cleaning on these memories and just keep coming back and tapping on the three words when you feel or think of them and feel any discomfort .  

And you can say Pencil as a cleaning tool also. AS you say dewdrop holding the pencil, the pencil becomes a divine cleaning tool..

Contemplate on the word and breathe in the energy of Dewdrop into your being and experience the cleaning energy of it and receive your own inspiration of what it is! 

This information is gathered from all that I have read and heard about the Cleaning tool Dewdrop !

Erika L Soul ~ Rainbow Healings

Dewdrop~Dewdrop~Dewdrop~ Dewdrop~Dewdrop~Dewdrop~Dewdrop~Dewdrop~ Dewdrop ~Dewdrop .•*¨`*♫♫♫.•*¨`*•.¸♥☼♥☼♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•.♫♫♫

IF you are on facebook I have a Ho'oponopono Lovers facebook page with pages of cleaning posts, information and links and some Notes too , you are welcome to join this or my Ho'oponopono Lovers Cleaning Room Group where we clean together and the whole groups room page is infused with cleaning energies as well as the Page too. And I have a " A Big Ho'oponopono Cleaning Event and monthly Draw" you can join for the next few months also. So all are welcome if you are on facebook !!!

my Website ho'oponopono resources page full of links to sites on ho'oponopono

thankyou thankyou thankyou 
Erika L Soul


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  1. Thank you, will the pic too! Will check out the links. Blessings!


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