Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dave and Erina Cowan Dowsing video

This Dowsing workshop is by Dave and Erina Cowan and is a free beginners introduction to Energy Dowsing. This is for those of US who are interested in dowsing and those who don't know how to but would like to learn. I am grateful to Erina and Dave for doing this webinar and putting it on YouTube so everyone can benefit, as these things do take time money and effort to do.  In this video after their intro to Dowsing  Dave and Erina do a whole dowsing session for all viewing this so you will receive some great dowsing on many things that are very beneficial to have dowsed for you !!!
 It is based on their book Dowsing beyond Duality which is a book form of their three ebooks of which I have two of, I found them available online and then printed them into a manual however having the book is an easier size and print. Book depository do have the book at a very good price and is postage free, this is the direct link to the book :  Dowsing Beyond Duality - Book

Dowsing Pendulums

You can book in with Erika L Soul for Energy Dowsing sessions in person or over the phone or Skype !!  Erika also conducts Energy Dowsing for members of her Soul Energy Healing online healing circle on facebook

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