Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Golden Lucky Buddha

ི♥ྀ This Golden Lucky Buddha is showing up here right now for you to let you know that a Big Miracle is NOW coming your WAY !!!!

So with your hand simply touch this lucky Golden Buddha image on your screen to activate this Miracle for yourself ི♥ྀ The Divine will grant this Miracle for you and choose what Is for your Best and highest Good now.

ི♥ྀ This Lucky Buddha image has been energised with wonderful energies to bless you with. Know its power is beyond your mind or your problems. It IS blessed it with the Energy of the Lucky Buddha, Magic and Miracles, Divine Blessings, Love, Prosperity & Abundance for you ི♥ྀ
Your part is to be OPEN to this Miracle occuring by having fun with this and playing like a child expecting Magic and Miracles to show up in your life...♥ྀ 

ི♥ྀ And if you want this Blessing of A Miracle for someone else just show them this post and let them touch the image. ི♥ྀ

Golden Lucky Buddha's Loving Wisdom to US All ི♥ྀ 

I am here to Bless you All with Divine Miracles, through my Divine presence, open your hearts and minds to all being possible and miracles Abounding in your life, I am here to activate this more and more for you each individually and collectively, join together and this will increase my potency as we are cocreating this all together here, 
Oh hear my voice, golden and pure speaking now, and allow my Grace to enter your very being, I come to you and Bless you as you are all Divine Beings and always deserve *Love *Grace *Blessings, Be at Peace and I Love You ALL
ི♥ྀ  Love and Miracles, Golden Lucky Buddha  ི♥ྀ 

P.S. You are welcome to leave a comment here as we celebrate our Miracles and Blessings and give Love to our Lucky Golden Buddha blessing us all here who touch him and see him

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