Wednesday, April 23, 2014


                                       ❀✿ BLUE IRIS ~ RAINBOWS ~ GODDESS IRIS ✿

I got given a gift of Blue Iris bulbs on Easter Sunday and when I got home I quickly looked up Iris in my Flower Therapy book by Doreen Virtue to see what its about. I have planted these bulbs and it will be wonderful to see them grow and flower !!! This flower is connected to the Greek Goddess Iris and the Rainbow !!! In my Mythic Tarot Deck I have had for years and years this is the Temperance Card with the Iris flower a rainbow and Iris the Greek Goddess.. So looking up this cards meaning is also part of this message for you in your life right now.....
I trusted if I got given this flower then it was a healing gift for me now and connected to my working with the Flower Therapy book and card deck recently. And the first thing I read is another name for it is Fleur~de~lys ...... which is a ho'oponopono cleaning tool !!!! Amazingly some other ho'oponopono cleaning buddies had Blue Iris pop up for them too so it wasn't just for me and I got inspired to share this experience online also and I realise its for us all who resonate with this healing flower !!!

Iris is beneficial for detoxing physically from addictions and from old emotions and negativity. It helps to recharge and vitalize your whole body. Iris can help to release aches and pains no matter how long you've had them. It brings comfort and support while you gently detox and let go of foods habits addictions that no longer serve you. Afterwards you will feel full of energy vitality and a new lease on life. You may find you can do things that you haven't done for a while.

You can connect to Iris via a photo of this flower or by having the flower or plant around your home..Sit with it and drink in its essence each day.

The message I have in my Flower Prophesy Book by Patricia a Clairvoyant in Melbourne is:
Seek new ways and new paths to accomplish your long term dreams. You will rise above any difficult conditions which surround you now. There will be many friends and deep long lasting relationships when you draw the flower card Iris, and this often indicates widespread recogniton of your work.

Iris - Keeper of the Rainbow

Throughout the ages, the rainbow has been the symbol of hope, a promise of better things to come. The ancient Greeks personified the rainbow as the goddess Iris, the favourite handmaiden and messenger of Hera, the queen of the heavenly court of Olympus. Carried by her shimmering wings, Iris travels so swiftly that mortals can see only the trail of her rainbow-coloured passage across the sky.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Angelspeaking ~ Healing Angel Messages : READING for APRIL

 Healing Angel Messages READING for ALL for the Month of APRIL: 

For the month of April the energy is building towards something very different than we have experienced before. So gear up for new experiences and adventures, set sail for distant shores. The world is shifting gears and you will be able to go up to a higher speed than before, vibrationally.

YOU will need to declutter even more mentally emotionally and physically and welcome in the new. Change is happening and it is what you have actually been calling forth into your life, so welcome it in and make it your friend. Look around for what is beckoning you and go towards it and you will find many joys and treasures. New energy that was blocked before is coming through to you now as you are freer than you have been before.

If you are reading this you can now receive a healing Blessing in your life of something that has been causing you stress. As you read this let it in as we are sending it to you now from the spiritual and angel realms. We are coming through SoulErika as she is listening to US and letting US speak to you.

We love you and we are always with you, look for signs WE exist and are real. One of our signs WE will show you so you know WE are really speaking to you will be seeing beautiful birds more than usual popping up in your life.

Some may not be aware of these birds so do not think WE are neglecting to give you a sign as you do need to stay aware and be open to these signs from heaven. So if not birds then special feathers will be our sign to you .

Heaven is here and now and not up there, so open to more Heavenly love that is always with you whether you are in the physical plane or not. 

Love to you ALL and until next time WE communicate, 
Love and Blessings from US, Higher Angelic Beings.

Monday, April 7, 2014


★ Guardian Angel★ I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a Benevolent Monetary Outcome in keeping with my desires. I ask that I greatly increase my income. I ask that no matter what is going on in the world that I remain stable and monetarily secure. I ask that I know and realise I am secure, and I am confident and filled with an inner knowing -- an awareness of Angelic assistance. 

I ask that from this moment on, I trust that I'll obtain whatever I need, whenever I need it. I ask that I feel blessed and secure in the knowledge that all these requests are now granted. I request a Benevolent Monetary Outcome from my Angels, and that I trust in the power of Angelic intervention. I ask that I always I know I am always surrounded with Love and I sense the presence of Divine spirit. I ask that I have faith and trust and that money comes to me in ways I never imagined or expected. I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for all of this now and may the results exceed my expectations thankyou, I love you. Thy Will Be Done.


I have worded this from Richard Sutphens Benevolent Outcome Monetary Recording ..To read up about this recording you can visit his webpage for it here:

Friday, April 4, 2014


Here is a Macro that you can cut cords with everytime you are aware you are heading down the negative track or are really triggered and feeling heavy and lost. Simply repeat this prayer out  loud and at the end chant any word over and over til the energy stops as in your voice peters out ..... After a while when you are totally familiar with what is in this Macro you can simply ask to cut the cords of this Macro I have named ★Changing Negativity.★ so say outloud " Cut the cords of Changing Negativity, thankyou " you can address whoever or whatever you like, Archangel Michael, Guardian Angels, God , Divine Spirit of my Higher Self !
Over time I may add more to this or reword it so when you say it you can add what you like in for yourself.

Love and Light Beings, Please CUT any and all cords across all lifetimes time space and dimensions of : negativity, negative emotions, negative thoughts, all addiction to negativity, all negative habits, all attraction to negativity, all attraction of negativity, any negative energetic patterns, resisting what is and what isn't, negative resistance in the body, any ill effects of mass consciousness's negativity, negative influences from anywhere or anyone, hating and resisting negativity, fearing negativity, negative vibrations and frequencies, all ill effects of negative thinking and negative emotions on my brain and body, all that is blocking my natural state of happiness, negative thought forms, feeling vulnerable to negativity, wanting protection safety security, feeling unsafe, inner conflict, battling with self, negative entities, negative charges on thoughts and feelings emotions stored within as memories, negating self, negative states, negative forces, self criticism and self judgement, unforgiveness, all going against the flow of the Divine, any control and power issues, all disowning myself, negative self defeating beliefs, negative mindsets, resisting or fearing negative people, joining others negativity to fit in, self sabotage and self destruction, judging negativity, negative expectations, negative projections, using negativity to bomb positive loving energy, fearing negative forces or negative power, bad moods, anger, fear, shame, any and all distractor implants, giving away your power, fearing the dark side, fearing darkness, fearing my own dark side, self rejection, fearing separation from others and/or  God, taking on others negativity or negative states, fearing loss of others, fearing abandonment and rejection, negative thinking and feelings being our comfort zone, all using negativity as a shield from love, with all that is stopping me from being the Love I truly be, all that stops me from aligning with the Divine and my True state of being Love, all separation from myself and God, knowing I am always protected and secure in Gods worlds,
Thanks Be, please heal and transmute all energies into pure Divine Love, chanting LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

This Macro is based upon Alyssa Mary Rose's Abundance of Light cord cutting technique and to visit her website and learn about cutting cords with her method go here

If you have found this helpful and have something to share about using this protocol or questions simply leave a comment below , and please tick the reactions box to show your appreciation of this thankyou.
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