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MAY 2014  ☆US★ ANGEL READING for YOU ♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿  ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆☆★☆★☆★☆★☆☆★☆★☆★☆★☆☆★☆★☆★☆★☆
This month of  May 2014 is a new beginning bringing new things in and many will be experiencing many changes. You may find new experiences and new opportunities coming to you alot more than usual. Some will have challenges confronting them however they will transcend them easily. There is a new energy abounding this month with more Joy and Expansion so you can now feel these energies on a higher level than before.  We have brought you many birds and feathers recently and confirmed our presence to you all. So now is the time to trust your Angels guidance with its calling card of Love and Joy...

This month we are going to bring Unicorn Energy to those open to this Blessing from the Unicorns, you may see Unicorns more than usual or even be given something physically with a Unicorn on it or a symbol of one. Unicorns will be bringing their Energy and Healing power to you and you can manifest more miracles and magic than usual with their extra energy surrounding you...If you see a book about Unicorns know this is your Angels bringing it to you.

More Money and Financial Blessings will come to you this month so accept these financial gifts as you are very worthy of them. Some of you may dream very special dreams with lucid dreaming and more soul travel experiences that are unusual and magical....

Some of you have questions so ask them of ☆US★ and wait to see how we will answer you. A new card deck of Angel Cards may come to some of you who are gifted these special Angel Cards  and if not a card deck it may be a Card with Angels or a Angel pin.. Simply be open to your gift from ☆US★ we are a group of Angels that work together with your Guardian Angels across the Universe serving all Souls..So regard ☆US★ in the way that suits your beliefs about Angels....

Archangel Raphael is now transmitting Healing Energy to you to assist you in healing something in your life, it could be emotional, physical, mental or a problem resolved...So just allow this Energy and Archangel Raphael to come in and assist you with what is chosen for you as this healing gift from the Divine.

Much Love from ☆US★ Angels to YOU now, feel our Love surrounding you and Blessing you always each day. Love ☆US★


  Ok how about this, 7 days after this Angel Reading was chanelled by me I get a Ascension Card deck for Mothers Day by Diana Cooper who is a Angel teacher and is all about Angels Orbs and Masters and this deck is perfect and a way to go higher with 52  so thankyou US , you worked thru my daughter to bring me this Angel Card Deck from my favourite Angel lady Diana Cooper - Angels & Ascension - 2012 - Atlantis - Unicorns... I really believe now !!!!!!!!!!!

And I have had some amazing powerful dreams more than normal with healing and even Braco in them !!!!!

Erika L Soul

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