Thursday, January 8, 2015



 So you are all now in January 2015 and we can begin a new chapter. Once again we are here with you as U.S. Angels, a collective group of higher beings, we call ourselves U.S. Angels i.e. United Souls. WE recognise we are not separate but all functioning as part of a whole and from our group consciousness we can communicate and work with many of you. WE communicate to you here via SoulErika who is willing to receive US and participate in this two way Angelspeaking. You can talk to U.S. anytime yourselves and you can use this divine communication of this Group Reading to link to U.S. So now the business is out of the way we can now talk to you from this new frame of reference. 

As you read this you may experience a Quickening, an energy or greater awareness than you may normally experience. That is U.S. The level we vibrate on is very high and can be conveyed to you here via these words. As Erika is very aware of this dimension and how this can be, it is all then possible. So first to receive this you will need to open your mind and then your heart to allow this to come into your consciousness. Nothing can come in that you do not allow. This month we are stronger for many reasons. As you enjoy this discourse we can contribute much to you and your life. We are changing our way of doing these Group Angel Readings and so let go of expecting this to occur in the previous way. Simply be open to a whole new adventure with U.S. 

Play and fun are very important and necessary for your wellbeing. So many of you are making your lives way too serious. So lighten up and enjoy your physical experience as once you return to the other realms you will realise you took it all way too seriously.

So in practical support now for you and your life this month we are going to help each one of you with something you have carried for far too long and need to set down. So now become aware of what this burden is and let it go, give it over to U.S. as we are able to pass this into the Divine for it to evolve and become a blessing for all.  Ah so many of you just did this as we are aware of all you souls reading this at any time in the future as time does not exist for U.S. as it does for you. Now please don't look for your burden again and try to take it back, simply give it UP to U.S. completely and for good. Now that you have released this energy that weighs you down you will find you have far more energy for you and your life, your health will improve and you will notice quite a difference in yourself.

So for this month take time to play have fun and enjoy yourself as this is necessary and vital for your creativitiy and energy this year. See how U.S. Angels will help you with this during the month to give you opportunities to let go and be free to play like a child, we will offer you many messages and invitations to experience more enjoyable recreation. We love you and are always present and with you, just look for U.S. and ask U.S. to show ourselves to you in a special way and we certainly will do so. Thankyou and God Bless.



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