Saturday, February 28, 2015


So if you would love to SHIFT into the Energy and Vibration of Having and Allowing WHAT YOU WANT, 
SAY *YES* outloud right NOW, AND IT IS DONE !!!!  NOW LET'S ALL Together say 1... 2...3 ...KAPOW and JUMP into it your VORTEX Right NOW ! 

AND ALL of  the RESISTANCE to what you desire you have, would you be willing to give that up now and let it go completely on all levels now,YES ?

And now with my TRANSFORM Macro lets *TRANSFORM* all beliefs and core programs and anything else stopping you from being in the Energy of your Vortex right now !

Let's now Connect the Divine Healing Energies to assist you in aligning with all that is in your Vortex of all that you have ever wanted, asked for and desired that is perfect and right for you, and vibrating to the frequencies and Energy of your Vortex. 

These Healing Energies will assist you in achieving all that you are wanting to Do,  Be and Have by clearing all the resistance fear and doubt keeping you separate from your Vortex!

All Vibration Locks you have right now stopping you from progressing will you now allow these to be released TRANSFORMED on all levels and dimensions right now ??? YES, THANKYOU !

So Say *YES Thankyou* Right Now and the Energies of the Universe will  work with you continously until you can stay PERMANENTLY in the Frequency of the Vibration of your Vortex all of the time, totally connected to the All of  YOU and All that IS, ONE with your true Divine SELF !!

The Energy will be here every time you read and do this Healing Protocol and will last as long as this Exists for All whom participate. Each time you read it and participate you will be brought into Harmony and Alignment with your intentions and your Vortex of the Energy of Being Doing Having all of YOU and your Power ! You will find it easier and easier to achieve all that you wish to. 

Feel the Energy of these Words and the Energies that they are connected to now and allow them to connect within you and work with you day and night by saying YES please and Thankyou !

This Healing Moment is a combination of many healing ingredients e.g. Thetahealing, Access Consciousness, Matrix Energetics, Abraham-Hicks, Angels and lots more from the Soul Energy Healing I facilitate ! What fun ! I love IT ! Please feel free to comment on your experience of this for you and any outcomes in your life and changes too ! I love having this forum and being able to facilitate this type of energy work in this way! Click Like below if you enjoyed this Energy Work.

Erika L Soul
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Divine Self Be True

AS my thoughts and feelings lighten UP 

I become the loving energy that is truly ME 

The wonderful divine soul I truly AM 


 Erika L Soul

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Unfolding Heart

A Flower Unfolds

 I hold my breath 

And release my heart. 


              Japanase Haiku  by Erika L Soul

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