Monday, March 9, 2015


We U.S. Angels come to you this month to celebrate one Year of these Group Healing Angel Messages, this is one full cycle and a new beginning. After the last months Reading we are going to challenge you this month to really lift your game !!!! We love the element of surprise we give you each month and we cook up new things for you all. There is always special timing for these Group Readings and they come through when it is most timely for all.

Get set for a great month now as you leap forward fearlessly. You are shedding old skin and transformation is at hand. Once upon a time there was limitations that held you back and now you can transcend these old patterns and step out and into freedom. Dolphin energy comes to you now as they heal and uplift you all. See if you get dolphins coming to you in your life or dreams.

Empty yourself of everything as you now can start a new slate. If something comes up from the past just wipe the slate clean again....Create a new picture of you and your life now, draw it, imagine it, create it, collage it, as you anchor in new ways of living your life.

Some of you worry incessantly we can see, but where does this get you, only going round and round perpetually on the wheel of life, making more karma for yourselves. Instead see worry as a warrior arm yourself with a shield of protection and a sword of truth and go forth and slay anything that is an illusion and watch it crumble into dust.

This month see how you can set a new pace and energy and step up more and more up the ladder into higher energies and love. If you slip no worries just go higher than you would have up the ladder. 

JOY ABOUNDS ALWAYS. This is from US Angels. We surround you all with a River OF Love, an Ocean of Sweet Bliss, feel this now coming in and flooding your being, your cells, your whole month of March and the rest of your life.

See how more ABUNDANCE comes in this month for you as you OPEN UP and RECEIVE all that LIFE is Flowing to YOU. Drink in Abundance each day, Abundance being the dance of LIFE that is the HEART of your BEING. A BUN DANCE so do a little Happy Dance each time you experience Abundance and increase your energy vitality and joy every time you dance with Abundance! 

Thankyou all, much love to each one of you, and we only bring blessings from the highest to each of one of you and your loved ones.



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