Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Something amazingly AWESOME is going to happen to me TODAY !!! "

"Something  amazingly AWESOME is going to happen to me TODAY !!! "

Say this each morning first before you do anything.....
its from from Pam Grout's new E-Cubed  book..E3. I read and did the experiments in E-2 (E-Squared) the first book and at first when I saw this book online I thought oh yeah been there and done that stuff so what's new, but the Universe kept presenting this book to me until eventually I relented as it was only a $1 on Amazon for the ebook and I thought I would check it out. So it became a great book to read and I got heaps out of it and did many of the 9 experiments in it over and over.  Months later the book even came right to where I was working for $8, this time I bought it straightaway happy to have the physical book to play with. Now if I shared about this book and all my experiments we would be here for a while, so I will save some of these stories for another blog post in the future.

If you are interested in getting this book here it is at a good price or you can get it on Amazon as an ebook also. 

OK, so today I thought I had misplaced some money from selling our PVR recorder which we had just decided to use towards paying for a weekend Spiritual camp retreat in July and I couldn't find the money in all the places I would normally put it. We were due to pay for the camp and I had felt glad that we were now going ahead with attending it. It had been a goal for months to go and lately I wasn't sure we were really going to go. I was feeling a tad stressed and fearful, so I lay down with my Blue STAR power plate, from http://innersoultech.com gazed into it and journeyed through the lovely stuff I was feeling, and I said a big MBO for my Angels and Spiritual Guides to guide me to find the money and/or to recall what I did with it. I said some great Divine Spirit requests I have used alot for many years now for finding things also.  


I also realised it was a great opportunity to reclaim some power from this negative energetic pattern that had gone pop in me and did the process from the book BUSTING LOOSE FROM THE MONEY GAME. This is a great book one I reread alot and aides you in breaking free from the fears and beliefs limiting you around money and your life. To read up about Busting Loose from the Money Game a book I highly recommend here is a pdf free overview via this link I found online while writing this post for all you readers of my blog.

Ten minutes or so later still not feeling too clear, I got up again to put on some rice for dinner and then went hunting for the money again pointless though I felt it was. Then suddenly without any thought to, I picked up a ceramic pink heart plate my son made me with " MUM" and two Pink Angels and a Pink heart on it that he gave me just after Mothers Day and VOILA thats where I had stashed the money, underneath it, and the money had been there for a week or two!!!! 
It was such an unusual place for me to put money I may not have found it for a while, no doubt when the guy gave me the money it was a quick place to put it and safe of course .....well....maybe....
Now that was AMAZINGLY AWESOME to find it straightaway and to trust in my inner guidance to help me find it and get past my fear I had spent it or lost it.. I linked this occurrence with my saying many times  

Something  amazingly AWESOME is going to happen to me TODAY !!!  Hallelujah......THANKYOU YOU GOD !!!!

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