Saturday, July 25, 2015


I have facilitated a New Quantum Shift - Life Activation 30 min session on a recording that is now available for all who choose it. On the recording is much I explain about this Activation... You can listen to this many times and each time it will release more and take you will never wear out its use as you can always go one more step higher in consciousness in more love and increased prosperity, joy and happiness.

This Activation is a Life Shifting session that :★:★:★:
Raises your levels of Consciousness, opens your heart, increases your energy and vibration, shifts you into a new gear, Quantum jumps you into a higher dimension, unwinds old beliefs and blocks holding you back, aligns you with your vortex, facilitates a 3rd Eye Activation and a Super Brain Activation and a Heart Activation, has Archangel Metatron and St Germain assisting the Activations, connects you to Spiritual Masters and higher Beings that fit your state of consciousness, assists you pass to through the Gateway and into a new LIFE journey, clears Your Path, you receive just what is right for you, Deep Clearing dowsing, Energetic Shifts, adjusts your frequencies to their ideal frequency and to Prosperity, going up higher into more Joy happiness Love, releases whatever is holding you back from being happy with your Self, brings in sacred transmissions and downloads of information, assists you to operate in a new way in your life,receive many Gifts and Blessings coming in, releases what doesn't serve you any more, works with your Matrix and the web of your life, RESETs your LIFE, and way more than we can share here !!!

And of course you are welcome to contribute a gift of money of any amount as you like to, thankyou. *889491* Link for donation cart is!/Donation-for-my-Healing-Recordings/p/52670342/category=13762024

You can download this file via the download button with this recording on soundcloud or you can
Click on this link to save this file, and then right click and save as audio mp3 file:

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