Saturday, August 29, 2015

Abundance and our limited viewpoints

This morning my husband Michael said we need toilet paper as we are nearly out. I went to check as I had bought a fair amount the week before and discovered I had put the excess rolls in the drawer underneath where we keep them. So we had another good amount in there. I then wondered how this occurs in life, that we do have more of something we need however we don't realise which drawer we have it in, a drawer we didn't think to look in that is holding what we have lost our awareness of. Hidden abundance waiting for us to discover. Like when you find something like money you put aside. So we have more than we think we have at any one time. If we open our awareness up and go to a higher viewpoint we will expand our vision to see a greater abundance in our lives we had forgotten we have. So we can change our limited viewpoint and expand into more conscious awareness of our true level of abundance to see the truth. We are Abundant truly....


  1. This is a great one and one I never thought of. Thanks Erika! Something I am thinking about.....

    1. thanks for the comment Marion, I love receiving comments...


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