Thursday, January 14, 2016


Here is the first shared recordings of my NEW series of *TRAVELLING INSPIRATIONS* Healing Sessions audio recordings BY ERIKA L SOUL. Each one has a different focus. As these are made while I drive or am a passenger they are inspired Healing Sessions I record when I am driving saying them outloud and I put on the recorder so I get to listen to them again. I suggest listening while you are driving as then the background car and road noise is not noticeable. So it may be best to listen without headphones on your music player or with headphones when there is other noise around. I would love to know what you experience and how you enjoy them, thankyou. 

The first Recording on this Soundcloud player here is New Beginnings to a New LIFE. THIS is a shorter recording and takes you out of old stuck energies into a higher Consciousness and a New LIFE. Watch for occurences after listening to this, write down and record what Divine Spirit brings to you as new awareness, waking dreams, gifts and blessings. See what changes in you and your LIFE.

The next one of this series *TRAVELLING INSPIRATIONS* Healing Sessions audio recordings BY ERIKA L SOUL is one for Happiness and listening to it often will help to increase your levels of happiness and unwind and release all unhappy energies and memories locked within you. It has many Energy processes that will assist you to have a fantastic HAPPY YEAR !!! Included is Theta Healing and Soul Energy Healing and Divine Healing Transmissions . 
See How Happy you can Be as you listen to it daily and watch it increase your Joy Happiness Bliss levels exponientally. 

Link to listen to *Happiness Download* and right click to save as * *

Erika L Soul ~ Rainbow Healings

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