Thursday, August 11, 2016


ஜWe are coming forth this month to Boost your Energy and Increase your Levels of Functioning. This Energy Boost is within this U.S.Angels Group Reading and as you read you will be receiving it via an Energy Transmission we are sending each one of you who reads this anytime anywhere anyplace. What it will do is to increase your physical Energy, Emotional Energy, Mental Energy, Spiritual Energy, your Life Force, the level of Love in you, your whole Energetic Vibration will increase as a result. This means more inflow of Energy and so much more Energy will flow from you as well, and this you must use wisely and constructively for your benefit and all around you. We will only increase your Energy if this is beneficial for you and we can see that you will be positive and creative and put it to good use. So are you ready to become more dynamic, have more Power to do good in the world, and to create in your LIFE ? YES ? OK This Energy Transmission is coming to YOU right NOW !!!!!

ஜIf you feel you are leaking Energy, not conserving it, wasting Energy then we can also assist to shift the cause of this in you, as you give your permission right now with a big YES Please Thankyou, It is DONE !!!

How are you experiencing Energy Now ??? As you connect into the LiFE Force of the Universe of God, and come fully into this Energy that is always flowing to YOU for you to utilse you merge and Become this Energy that is what you are made of. So would you like to be fully connected right now???? YES ??? We can now adjust your LINK UP to this LIFE FORCE so you are fully plugged in and the Energy is coming into YOU and charging you completely at all times. So as you quiet your mind and Allow this to be Done for you, So it IS.

ஜAll that causes you to separate, disconnect from this Universal Energy, Divine Spirit would you like to give that UP to God right now ??? YES OK so let US shift that in YOU right NOW so its easier to receive this Energy Boost always available to you here and NOW......

ஜSo this month that encompasses this Reading will include Energy UpGrades throughout the month and each time you read this it will activate them more and more. You may be simply sitting in your lounge room and receiving an UpGrade.
Watch for signs and messages from U.S.Angels this month that this is occuring for you and you are shifting your Energy and Frequency to a whole new Level for you, giving you a new state of Consciousness of Prosperity. A sign confirming this will be a Bright Blue Feather, that comes to you in a special way that lights you UP !!!! It may come physically or in a picture or on something, however you experience receiving it will be perfect and Divine for YOU.

ஜThis is a month of ADVANCEMENT so get ready to ADVANCE in all aspects of YOUR LIFE. Advance is progressing, advancing to a new level, shifting from stuckness to flowing and moving forward divinely. So enjoy advancing as it occurs for you, and celebrate your Advances as you earned them. Spiritual advancement, work advancement, health advancement, home advancement, relationships advancing, LIFE ADVANCEMENT, SUPER ADVANCES JUST for YOU !!!!

ஜOur Loving Presence is Always present with You and until next time enjoy reading this months Group U.S.Angel Reading as many times as you enjoy as each time it will go to a new level and deepen it exponentially.

✿IN LOVE, JOY, and Happiness we Reside Always,


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